Dr. Dale Rhoney is even happier leaving his post as president of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce than he was when he started the job a year ago.

That is because the chamber saw excellent progress during 2006-07.

'The trend is that basically we're im-proved,' Rhoney said. 'We've increased membership, and we've developed and provided more value for our members. We are more financially secure and we've further developed and increased our influence in Lake Oswego.'

Key developments under Rhoney's reign include the Fusion organization of eight groups (city government, schools and business associations) within Lake Oswego, which 'really increased in acceptance and usability.'

The Leadership Lake Oswego program also took a big step forward.

'It has been well received and it's beneficial to those who take part,' Rhoney said.

Another bright spot has been the development of the chamber's Web site (check it out at

dex.cfm ).

'That is just the way society is going,' Rhoney said. 'Especially young people. They get their information from the computer rather than the phone book.'

As Rhoney prepares to spend a year on the board in the past-president position, he sees nothing but good times ahead with new president John Hanan II.

'I've worked closely with John and received his active support,' Rhoney said. 'He's ready to take over.

'We have five new board members and they're great people. The future is bright, because we're working with the very best people.'

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