As a graduate of Lakeridge High School and parent of future Lakeridge High School students it puzzles me that our community leaders do not believe that Lakeridge students deserve to fully utilize their field facilities, including hosting varsity football games.

Yes, illegal parking was an issue for nearby neighbors, it is one the Lakeridge community needs to address. Enforcement is clearly the key, and I see no reason why the problems of the past would reoccur, or become worse, simply because the C.U.P. is altered. I believe the Lakeridge community is more than capable of continuing to comply with any and all new C.U.P. restrictions. Things have changed since 1971, especially when it comes to Pacer 'home' football games. The District Stadium is not a neutral place for our athletes or school. Neutral implies equal facilities and availability of resources, the current situation is not neutral.

Are community members aware that during 'home' games, our Pacer football players now have to use the wrestling room at LOHS? They have no locker room of their own, only a circle of chairs in a small, cramped room. The Lakers (through the donations of their supporters) have a large, locker room showing Laker pride in every corner, on every wall; including big screen TV's and leather couches. How can we provide 'neutral or equal' access to our Pacer athletes without our own facility? In addition, one of the very key mechanisms, the concession stand, which our athletic club and boosters use to provide 'equal or neutral' facilities, is not part of the 'neutral' facility. It was built and paid for by the Lakers (not the district), so when Lakeridge has home football games and uses the concession stand, only $0.30 of every dollar of profit goes to Lakeridge, while $0.70 of profit goes straight to the Laker Club.

These are just two examples of the significant discrepancies going on between the two schools by use of a 'neutral facility.' The Lakeridge community, our facilities and our ability to provide equal access to our players is limited until the current C.U.P. is changed! We need our own facilities at Lakeridge High School; for school pride, for the appropriate use of our donations and for equalit.

Five to seven days a year is not too much to ask.

Jennifer Smith, a member of the Lakeridge High School class of 1990, is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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