As a neighbor of Lakeridge High School, I would like to address the request to have varsity football games on the Lakeridge campus.

The Lakeridge conditional use permit LU 99-0038 was based on practice facility with one or two soccer playoff games a year. Attendance at any one event, on the artificial field, would not exceed 500 people. Many times, in the process, it was stated that there would be no varsity football games.

Exhibit 191 - Lancaster Engineering, Traffic Study, page 2, paragraph one, last sentence, 'There will be no varsity football games played at this site.' Paragraph three, bases the 340 parking spaces as sufficient because 'The maximum attendance at an athletic event would be 400 to 500 people …' The traffic study did not specifically study the impact on neighborhood streets. For the first seven years after the conditional use permit was granted, the neighborhood streets were clogged at every event. It wasn't until the city manager Doug Schmitz and the constant presence of the Lake Oswego Police Department, 648 patrols in 2006, did the traffic and parking congestion ease up.

Exhibit 21 - Minutes of neighborhood meeting June 3, 1999, Faith Chapel, principal and Donna Zajonc, chairman, Athletic Field Committee, Issues and Answers No. 1 'Hosting varsity football games, for example, is not planned.' No. 3 Noise: 'The speakers are positioned so they face the hillside away from Cloverleaf.' This has never been done, the speaker sits atop the bleachers and faces Cloverleaf Road and is still used consistently at practices.

Exhibit 192 - Daly-Standlee and Assoc., Inc. The sound study was based on 'typical sporting event,' a JV football game with 100 to 125 people attending and concluded that 'night time games can occur at Lakeridge High School with minimal noise impacts on the neighborhood if a berm or barrier is constructed …' The berm or barrier was never constructed and the sound study does not address a crowd of a few thousand, as expected at a varsity football game.

Findings, Conclusions and Order AP 00-01-1353 (LU 99-0038-1347) Page 12 No. 2, b. No amplification other than player introduction occurs. The Lakeridge flyer states they will have 'play-by-play' announcements, which would be non-compliant with the conditional use permit.

Page 17, No. 3. No event shall be scheduled to use the athletic field that will require parking spaces which exceed the available on-site parking, approximately 340 spaces. The varsity football game would be non-compliant to the permit, as expected attendance would far exceed 500 people.

Exhibit 228 - Lake Oswego Review, 'Let there be lights over Lakeridge field,' November, 1999. It is important to note that the primary purpose for the lights and bleachers would be to accommodate high school soccer, community soccer programs and maybe some JV football. Superintendent Bill Korach said, 'Friday night football is not in the plan, as there wouldn't be sufficient seating and the district has a stadium that works well for both Lake Oswego and Lakeridge football teams.' The district could do more to make it an equal district stadium. Redecorate the stadium to be equal in terms of team spirit paraphernalia, fully functional and equal locker rooms and provide buses from Lakeridge to the district stadium for Lakeridge spectators.

The field is located in the neighborhood, the district stadium is located on a busy four-lane road, changing the permit to allow for multiple large capacity events without on-site parking and amplified public announce system would dramatically change the quiet character of the neighborhood.

Patrick Dulin is a resident

of Lake Oswego.

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