Johnson a good fit for LO police chief

To the Editor:

I was privileged to participate in the interview process for the final seven candidates for the Lake Oswego Chief of Police position. Three panels representing city staff, the business-education community and professional law enforcement interviewed each candidate, ensuring that each candidate was asked the same questions. There was an opportunity for discussion about each person's personal experiences and background.

Later the three panels met as a group and examined each candidate's qualifications and suitability for Lake Oswego. All of the candidates were experienced and qualified law enforcement executives and represented a broad spectrum of operations, management and executive skills. In short, a very desirable group of candidates.

A common issue was how the new chief would fit in the Lake Oswego community. Don Johnson had done considerable research into the community, service organizations, major issues, community expectations and working with other agencies. It was apparent that Johnson was a good fit for our city.

The group of seven was reduced to three, and additional extensive examination and processing was done. Alex McIntyre and his staff are to be commended for their thoughtful and careful examination, even though many people were pushing for a quick decision.

The result will be an experienced and capable chief of police that will do well for the police department and the community. He will bring fresh ideas and comprehensive experience while building on the strengths of a fine agency.

Richard D. Walker

Lake Oswego

Walker is a retired chief of police of the Portland Police Bureau

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