by: L.E. BASKOW, The Portland school board has been busy with many issues, including finding a new superintendent. Even so, one reader thinks the district puts out a very good product.

Here's what truly amazes me about those people who blame the teachers and the Public Employees Retirement System for ruining the budget; these are the same people who expect the best education for their children (School board has full plate, Sept. 18). It sounds like they want teachers to be paid McDonald's wages.

If teachers are not going to receive decent wages, let's just close down the Portland Public Schools and let parents or others home-school their children. I think you will find that teachers in the PPS put out a very good product.

Jim Straughan


Jailhouse punishment doesn't fit the 'crime'

Regarding the Sept. 25 story 'Jailhouse Knocks,' I am not surprised that deputies occasionally need to use force, nor that they sometimes misuse it.

What shocks me is that they apparently are encouraged to brutalize detainees who are sullen, vulgar or, in the case of Michael Evans, just don't respond to fingerprinting with alacrity. Did they expect Evans to be excited to have his fingerprints taken?

If these allegations prove true, then even more cameras, with better microphones, will do nothing more than show that prison rules allow punch-drunks with power free rein.

Jonathan Leiss

Southeast Portland

Businessman's move looks like right one

I was sorry to learn that Roy Jay does not qualify to run for mayor (Roy Jay pulls out of Portland mayor's race, Sept. 14 on

I've known him for nearly 30 years. He's a guy who knows what it's like to operate a business and earn a buck in the anti-business climate that exists in Portland's City Hall.

I also live outside the city limits, and would rather live in the People's Republic of China than in Portland, even though they operate alike.

W.G. White

Sauvie Island

Cafeteria's food is a surprise, a delight

I work at Reed College and eat at the commons regularly (Schooled in progress, Sept. 11). I applaud the school's commitment to local foods, and I have to say its global offerings are consistently fantastic.

A couple of weeks ago, I had squid-ink pasta with a vegan puttanesca sauce that would put many local eateries to shame, and they regularly surprise me with such dishes.

Cheers to Bon Appetit Management Co. Inc. for great strides in institutional food service.

Ben Salzberg

Southeast Portland

Know who benefits from your yes vote

With Measure 37, truth is stranger than fiction. In recent letters published in the Portland Tribune, writers have claimed they bought their land so that they could fund their retirement on the income obtained by selling off parcels of land.

After asking why we don't all do this as a living - why wait until retirement - the truth rears its head: Measure 37 was funded by large land owners.

Where I live, on Pete's Mountain in West Linn, the first large-scale developments are proposed by millionaires who certainly are not relying on sale of land to fund retirement. They own hundreds of acres of valuable land, unfortunately, with our sewer, water and decent road access.

Measure 37 would allow them to avoid these limitations and build subdivisions.

Please become educated on Measure 37 and on Measure 49, which seeks to help the small landowner. I don't intend to tell you how to vote on Measure 49 in November. Just don't fall for the sob stories put out by lumber companies and wealthy landowners.

Bernard Newland

West Linn

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