The League of Women Voters of Clackamas County is urging voters to approve the November ballot measure to increase the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners to five members, according to an announcement by League President Heather Drake.

Currently, the board has three members.

'We believe that five commissioners will improve accountability to voters. Citizens would have more points of access to county leaders, and county leaders could better address citizen needs,' Drake said.

Increasing board membership is seen by board members as an answer to the ever-increasing reliance on funding decisions by federal, state and regional agencies.

In testimony to the task force that recommended the change the League said, 'With five commissioners, Clackamas County will have more expertise and power to devote to funding decisions. As needs everywhere grow, our county must have enough leaders to lobby hard and ensure that our county is not short-changed when shared resources are divided.'

The League is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation of citizens in government and influences public policy through education like upcoming discussions on the arguments both for and against measures on the November ballot. It also advocates for issues and measures that members have studied and reached consensus. Structure of county government has been studied over a number of years.

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