by: Vern Uyetake,

Construction workers use a crane to raise part of the Hexamid, a six-sided climbing structure that will become the centerpiece of the new Hallinan Elementary School playground. During the past month, the old playground, 'Hawk Haven,' was taken apart piece-by-piece to make way for a modern, state-of-the-art play structure that will be one of the most elaborate of its kind in the Pacific Northwest. The 6,840-foot plastic and steel-coated structure will feature about 100 different 'activities' and can hold about 300 kids ages 5 through 12. The school secured the $210,000 project through a donation by Hallinan parents Martin and Kimberly Hudler. Parent volunteers will put the finishing touches on the new playground early next week in time for a dedication ceremony 10:15 a.m. Oct. 25.

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