There's an old saying amongst editorial writers that not taking a strong position is the worst of all editorials to write.

We recognize that adage - and offer you up this point of view on the city's Measure 3-273 about whether to keep or sell Safeco.

On one hand, we agree that the Safeco property could become a wonderful asset for the city of Lake Oswego. It has enormous potential and using our powers of future vision, it could become an incredible acquisition.

On the other hand, only you can look into your wallets and checkbooks and make important decisions that will, quite frankly, cost you. Lake Oswego is facing a myriad of costly projects (see editorial above) and it's got a fair number of more projects on its wish list.

Can you afford the future that is unfolding before you?

We can't answer that question for you. So let your conscience - and your pocketbook - guide your vote on Measure 3-273.

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