Charter Amendment 3-269 wont work in Lake Oswego

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Lake Oswego has been our home for 27 years. We work here, raised our children here and have enjoyed many opportunities to volunteer in our community. Because we love our hometown, we have joined our neighbors in opposing the proposed Charter Amendment 3-269.

1. $2 million is too low - much too low! As a Realtor for the past 21 years in Lake Oswego, I know that $2 million is an unrealistic number from the distant real estate past and is too low for park and urban renewal property values today. Under the proposed Charter Amendment 3-269, we could not have acquired key properties without a vote of the people, because in current dollars, they would each cost more … much more than $2 million.

2. Elected leaders need flexibility to govern. We elect volunteer leaders to study the key issues and make educated decisions for our community. If the decision to purchase an important property when it becomes available has to wait for a vote of the citizens, that property will likely be lost to a private bidder not subject to such a delay. Sometimes decisions, such as the purchase of the Safeco building, must be made quickly to take advantage of opportunities; had the city not acted, other purchasers would have snapped it up. Now that the Safeco opportunity has been preserved, we have the time to decide what its best use for our city would be. We the citizens still have the final say … we must vote eventually upon a bond measure, but the proposed Charter Amendment 3-269 does not allow our elected officials to act quickly or with flexibility to serve our best interests.

Please join us in voting no on 3-269. It is permanent, harmful and unworkable!

Emogene and Mel Waggoner, Lake Oswego, are honorary co-chairs of Our City Our Future Campaign.