Remember when nothing ever seemed to get done in Lake Oswego?

Well, that all changed when we elected a smart, experienced, and determined mayor along with a likeminded city council. I think everyone should be very proud of the accomplishments that have been made over the past seven years. We are certainly the envy of every other jurisdiction in the Portland metro area.

City Charter Amendment 3-269 would restrict our city council from purchasing real property over $2 million without going to a vote. Now, why would we want to take an important tool away from our own government just because some people don't agree with one decision? We wouldn't. If we don't like decisions that are being made, we have the ability to change the decision makers.

I am involved with real estate in my job (president of Gramor Development, the company that developed Lake View Village) and I can tell you that the decision to purchase the Safeco property was sound. If the city hadn't acted when it did, the property would have gone to one of the dozens of competing parties. My company was one of them.

Now that the city has it, it can decide whether to keep it or not. And if the city decides to resell the property, it won't lose a dime.

Real estate purchases cannot be made subject to a vote. Sellers of property that is in demand will not wait and take the chance on an election. Property in Lake Oswego is scarce and doesn't come available often and that will just get worse. Our government, we, need the ability to act when it is necessary.

Over the past seven years, the stars have been aligned with the right people in the right place with the right tools and our community has benefited greatly from it. Let's keep moving forward. Vote no on Charter Amendment 3-269.

Barry Cain is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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