The Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors voted unanimously to endorse Ballot Measure 3-273 (the city of Lake Oswego advisory vote to retain the West End Building) at its recent monthly board meeting. Abstaining from the vote was the city representative to the board.

According to Jerry Wheeler, chamber CEO, the board's reasons for the endorsement were:

n 'Development of this property for public use will be good for the Lake Grove business district. Its location in the demographic center of this community will also benefit the surrounding businesses, as the development will draw more people to the businesses in this area.

n 'Public ownership of the 14-acre site will guarantee the best use of the property that will benefit all the citizens of Lake Oswego.

n 'Owning the property will have a minimal effect on local taxes While no one likes higher taxes, this purchase is a good investment for the city of Lake Oswego and is the last available piece of prime real estate in this city. Its potential benefit to the community far outweighs the small investment the community will make to keep the building and grounds.

n 'Any further development of the property that requires a bond measure must first be approved by a vote of the citizens.'

For questions, contact Wheeler at the chamber office at 503-636-3634.

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