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The most important reasons to vote no on Charter Amendment 3-269:

As we review our ballots this weekend, it is important to remember that this amendment is not about the Safeco purchase. This is about changing our current form of city government.

An amendment to our city charter is permanent and serious. We have a representative form of government. If we have a disagreement with our elected officials, we vote them out of office, but we should not elect them to represent us and then prevent them from doing their jobs by placing unrealistic restrictions on them.

No other city in Oregon has a spending limitation like this proposal. We would be the first to experiment with such a restriction and any unintended consequences.

Many of us moved to Lake Oswego in part because of the amenities of parks, open spaces and paths. Additions to our outstanding parks and urban renewal district would essentially end. Sellers are not going to wait for us to have a vote on every purchase over $2 million. It is further complicated because many of these elections will require a 50 percent turnout of voters. Those purchases would then have two hurdles to overcome: The delay for the vote and the 50 percent turnout requirement.

The proposed charter amendment is an expensive, bureaucratic nightmare. It applies to the future and to the past. It requires votes on properties acquired two years earlier if adjacent property is purchased. It also requires two votes on properties that voters approved in a bond measure, if the property description was not sufficient.

This is not just about disagreeing with a decision made by one city council. This will place that same burden on all future city councils.

Voting no on 3-269 has nothing to do with money. Your taxes will not be affected.

Voting no on 3-269 does not mean that a community center will be built. That would be decided by the community in a future vote. Voting no does mean, however, that this piece of property is protected until a thoughtful decision is made.

Please join me and vote no on 3-269.

Realtor Chris Schetky lives and works in Lake Oswego. She is a former member of the Lake Oswego School Board and a former president of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

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