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Paul J. Rosen, J.D., L.Ac., is a licensed acupuncturist, a master of Nutrition Response Testing and the clinic director and senior clinician at AcuNatural Family Healthcare in Vancouver, Wash. Reach him at or 1-360-750-7375.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda - that's what I hear from so many people who walk into my clinic. After enduring decades of nutritional abuse, they find themselves suffering from a life-altering health condition. They've reached the breaking point on the 'Rescue me!' scale and ask, 'What can I do now if I want to avoid or get off prescription medications? Is there any hope?'

Most days each of us wakes up with a bit of anxiety, wonder or doubt. It seems we have so little control in our lives. Things just seem to happen. When they do, we pick up the pieces and do the best we can.

But what if we could do better? What if we could have more control over the quality of our lives? What if the quality of our lives really is in our hands?

Suzanne walked into my office after hearing my Sunday morning radio program 'Health Matters' on Portland's 860 AM station. She was in her mid-40s and had dark circles under her eyes. She shared her story of struggling with her health for several years.

Her children were off to college but still came around the house often. She remembers that after giving birth to her second child she experienced some health challenges: fatigue, bloating after meals, high blood sugars and a greater-than-normal susceptibility to colds.

As we talked, she suddenly realized that the fatigue began back in high school. In college a morning cup of coffee would bring her back to life. However, that cup of coffee soon escalated into three or four cups to jumpstart her day.

Her bloating symptoms would come and go. A few years ago, Suzanne switched to a gluten-free diet that seemed to help for a while. However, lately other foods started giving her fits.

Although her family had no history of diabetes, her high blood sugars (which had decreased following the birth of her second child) were creeping back up again.

Even though her immune system had seemed to stabilize over the last few years, she was now suffering from one cold after another. And she missed more work than she wanted, making her anxious about losing her job.

Preferring natural remedies, Suzanne employed the current 'go to' products like extra vitamin C, zinc and even homeopathic products. These helped in the beginning, but lately things were getting worse.

Intellectually, Suzanne knew that consuming sugar was bad. But she craved it, and all her efforts to stop eating it were unsuccessful. She had heard me say that eliminating added concentrated sweeteners from the diet was essential to regaining health but couldn't imagine how she would manage it. Little did she know she was simply missing key information about her own body's requirements.

I listened to Suzanne and then asked: 'Are you open to trying a different method of evaluating your state of health? Are you willing to change the way you eat and what you eat? Lastly, are you willing to dedicate whatever time is needed to treat the root cause of your ill health?' She responded in the affirmative to everything.

I then evaluated her using Nutrition Response Technology. The results revealed that she was sensitive to dairy and soy products. At the time, Suzanne was eating yogurt and fresh fruit every morning - foods that she thought were healthy choices. In addition, because soy is promoted by Monsanto (which genetically engineered it) and profit-driven food companies as a 'wonder food,' she drank soymilk and consumed tofu several times a week. Once she eliminated soy and dairy from her diet, her bloating and excess gas disappeared.

Besides food sensitivities, I found ongoing, undetected immune challenges in Suzanne's body that I addressed using Standard Process supplements (producer of quality whole food supplements since 1929) in her personalized nutritional healing program as well as dietary changes. In addition, my enthusiastic and experienced clinic staff helped her through the hand-holding stage of transitioning from unhealthy to healthy eating.

Once certain she'd never kick the sugar habit, Suzanne now can't imagine ever eating it again. With her blood sugars at their lowest levels in decades and only suffering an occasional cold, why would she bother? She appreciated my office manager Beth who always says: 'No dessert or processed food could possibly taste as good as I feel today.'

So how good do you feel today? How is the quality of your health affecting your life? If you're ready to make some positive changes, please realize it begins with what you eat. Fresh, natural, unadulterated food is what your body needs.

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