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Members of the Leadership Lake Oswego kick off their year-long class with a recent overnight retreat.

Leadership Lake Oswego welcomed 31 members of the class of 2007-08 with an overnight retreat that challenged the class physically as well as emotionally.

This program is part of the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce's continuing efforts in education and leadership skill training. It is sponsored by The Bank of Oswego while Laidlaw Transit supports the transportation needs of the program.

The chamber has been training future leaders for more than 20 years, bringing together students from throughout the business and professional community. The program meets once a month and each session focuses on leadership skill training, a different aspect of community awareness and presentation skills.

Anchoring the program are Lake Oswego School District Superintendent Bill Korach and Marci Nemhauser, a clinical psychologist who is a former school board member. They provide a two- hour presentation at the beginning of each monthly session.

The class of 2007-08 consists of: John Brandt, Brandon Boyd, Robert Caplinger, CaSandra Carlson, David Donaldson, Carol Gaouette, Becki Gilbertson, Michelle Gottlieb, Peggy Hassan, Angelina Heidel, Michael Keeler, John Kennedy, Vicki Kriner, Lori Lauber, Sean Minogue, Sally Moncrieff, David Morris, Janet Nees, Terri Oelrich, John Olsson, Lynda O'Neill, Angie Peterson, Maggy Priddy-Winney, Sara Seldon, Sidaro Sin, Doug Treat, Drake VanZante, Nancy Verstegen, Garen Weitman, John Wendland and Carol Whitten.

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