by: JIM CLARK, In the Tuesday-night wrestling at St. Johns Sports Arena (aka the Sandy Barr Flea Market), Sailor puts Lone Star in a headlock. It’s the kind of action that a Tribune reader and former Portland resident misses.

Although I'm in California now, I am so happy to hear that wrestling will continue at the St. Johns Sports Arena (Family matters, Oct. 2). I spent many a bone-chilling winter and sweltering summer taking photos of the action in and out of the ring.

It's great to hear that the Barr name will continue to promote in the Portland area. I hope to return one day and resume taking photos and enjoying the action.

Richard P. Strickland


Sam Adams gets us, and he gets my vote

I'm a Portland resident and voter. Although I don't agree with everything Sam Adams says or does, I think he's done a great job getting things done and making processes and decisions open to as many people as possible (As expected, Adams will announce mayoral bid, Oct. 2).

I believe he truly represents a majority of the Portland-proper population regarding a certain big-box retailer.

I'm glad for a candidate who's not participating in the Campaign Finance Fund program. Notice how other candidates for mayor and commissioner positions are saying, 'I support a public vote, but only in 2010 after I've requested thousands for my 2008 campaign'?

Barring a last-minute change in decision on his part, I will vote for Adams for Portland mayor.

Jason Barbour

Southeast Portland

Let local streets honor local heroes

Rejecting the renaming of a street is not about racism; it's about not forcing unnecessary change on people who don't want it, just for the sake of some cause (Chávez proposal faces its neighbors, Oct. 2).

There are plenty of tributes to César Chávez in California, where he lived. We have local folks just as deserving, if not more so, of recognition.

Bonnie Hadley


Cleaner air goes beyond political lines

As a resident in the neighborhood, I am concerned with the increased release of VOCs in the area (Boeing paint plan worries airport neighbors, Sept. 28).

Regardless of one's political leanings, I believe anybody who lives in a residential zone with industry close by would be concerned with this development.

Most of us are not too far from industrial areas, so while this incident is confined to a specific area, it is not exclusive to the so-called 'whiners' of Cully and Concordia.

We would be wise to seriously consider the long-term effects of allowing an increase of toxic materials to be released into our atmosphere.

We want our economy to grow, but at what cost? Who wants to live in a horribly polluted city?

The economy also grows with maintaining livability standards in an urban environment, so those of you pointing fingers at us 'whining liberals,' perhaps you should stop and think about the long-term effects on us all.

Maura Cooney

Northeast Portland

Measure 50 will open door to more taxes

Providing health care to children is admirable. I support it. I need to know something, though, regarding Measure 50.

What happens when the revenue from the cigarette tax diminishes?

It only follows that additional taxation of an item will lower its usage and, therefore, there will be a downward spiral in income for the program.

How will that shortfall be made up? Will the Legislature, having been successful in changing the state's constitution, be able to invoke a new tax on all of us?

Sadly, I find myself siding with the tobacco companies, not because I support or love smoking and smokers, but because I fear opening a door for new taxes.

Frank Oulman


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