Letters to the editor for July 9


Community should talk about illegal fireworks

Gresham resembled a war zone on the Fourth with a barrage of illegal fireworks.

The police say they do not respond to fireworks calls. It's bad policy to ignore laws on the books.

Any community dialog on this issue? Mr. Mayor?

Joe Todd


Oregon uses plenty of renewable energy

Not too long ago, in a KINK/KXL face off with Lars Larson, Sheila Hamilton implored Oregon to become more like Germany, which gets 20 percent of its energy from renewable resources, and she went on to list them - 'solar' (OK), 'wind' (OK), 'hydroelectric' (wait a minute!). Oregon is doubly good as Germany is in renewable energy output if the 20-percent figure she quoted was true. Oregon already has 40 percent or more in renewable energy including hydroelectric as renewable.

Northwest Hydroelectric Association figures for 2008 show 58 percent of electric output in Oregon was from hydroelectricity and another 4 percent from wind power. Oregon Department of Energy figures for 2003 show 44 percent of power consumed in Oregon came from hydroelectricity. Solar is twice as expensive, levelized cost, than hydroelectric.

Our state government is pushing for more solar wind, etc., because they don't consider the typical hydroelectric power plant as renewable per Senate Bill 838 passed in 2007. That is not to say any of us recall the Columbia River ceasing to flow.

This kind of crisis-forming thinking has our local politicians jumping on the renewable energy bandwagon. Local taxpayer dollars and city employee resources are shifting to these carbon reduction programs and away from essential services such as police services.

The 3 p.m. meeting of the Gresham City Council on Tuesday, July 12, will have a presentation on the renewable energy plan and will give the public a chance for comment. I hope the public shows up for this.

Roxanne Ross