Local house overtaken by spiders

by: John DeCosta, The Paine family of Dunthorpe celebrates Halloween with festive spiders — and a birthday cake.

The Paine family in the Dunthorpe neighborhood has a special way of observing Halloween:

Corn chowder. Providing a wide open door for friends and family. And spiders. Big black spiders.

So people going down Edgecliffe Street should not get alarmed when they see the beautiful old home of Nels and Victoria Paine. The big black spiders are just Halloween decorations, not invaders from Mars.

In fact, the spiders are very much part of the Paine family tradition.

'Aren't spiders a tradition of Halloween?' Nels said. 'My wife loves spiders. They're a perfect attachment for Halloween, and we love holiday traditions here.'

Victoria Paine has a special reason for loving Halloween -it is her birthday.

'She's the queen of the Halloween roast, and we want to honor her,' Nels said. 'Spiders provide a nice balance for Halloween. They're creepy without being horrible.'