David Brown has lived in the city of Troutdale with his wife for 20 years, and he has contributed to the community in a number of different ways.

The Troutdale SummerFest Committee recognized Brown's efforts this year with the Citizen of the Year Award, along with co-recipient - and his nominator - Mayor Jim Kight.

'I would imagine this award as a culmination of 20 years of work, not just the last year,' Brown said.

Brown is involved in everything from the church he pastors, The Chapel, to the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce, to the Troutdale Kiwanis Club.

'Troutdale is like any small community, you have people who are involved in everything,' said Robert Canfield, SummerFest committee member.

Brown and his wife, Donna, founded The Chapel in Troutdale, and he has been the pastor there since it began 14 years ago. He has led the church in many projects, including a graffiti removal service, volunteering at Sweetbriar Elementary, cleaning Troutdale Road and offering a free lunch program at the church.

The church also seeks to recognize individuals who have done service in the community. Brown said that receiving such a recognition himself is an honor.

'When it comes back, it's kind of a nice thing,' he said.

Brown also helped found a chapter of the Kiwanis Club in Troutdale in October, and is currently the president. Among the Kiwanis community projects are the newly established Key Club, a program in which members mentor high school students with leadership qualities.

The club has also done some projects with Troutdale Elementary, such as painting the solar system on the sidewalk and installing a flag pictorial.

'My involvement with Kiwanis directs me in the area of caring for kids in the community,' Brown said. 'That's been something that I have really enjoyed.'

His involvement with children began even before Kiwanis, as he volunteered at the elementary school and high school where his two children, now 23 and 25, went to school.

Brown has also been a part of the West Columbia Gorge Chamber of Commerce, the organization that puts on SummerFest, for four years and served as president this past year.

Brown said that though the award is an honor, he does not do all he does in the community for personal gain.

'I guess I don't do service in my community to get acknowledged, I just do it because it makes me feel good,' Brown said. 'I think that everybody should be involved in giving to their community.'

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