Tall tales from 3-269 opponents

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Have you noticed the alarmist language coming from opponents of Measure 3-269? Terms like 'permanent,' 'forever' and 'never again,' suggesting that, once the amendment is in place, the charter could never again be changed. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the city charter were permanent, we could not be bringing this amendment to the ballot in the first place.

It goes without saying that the opposition knows very well that what is placed into law by ballot measure can also be revised by ballot measure. If the $2 million threshold turns out to be too low, it could always be brought back before the voters for revision, by referral of the city council in any election. It's simply not the obstacle that 'Our City Our Future' makes it out to be.

OCOF will also tell you that if Measure 3-269 passes, we will 'never again' be able to buy parkland in Lake Oswego. Again, that is simply untrue. Lake Oswegans have a long history of supporting parks bond measures that benefit the community and there is no reason to suppose that they will behave any differently in the future. Why do they assume that anything put out to a vote in the future will not pass?

It is not the intent of Ask Lake Oswegans to impede routine city business, and the measure's provisions will not create any undue obstacles. Purchases such as Safeco are not routine, and special provisions for urban renewal plans apply to the city's redevelopment agency purchases such as the US Bank and Millennium Plaza Park properties.

Nothing in the text of our measure requires a double majority vote, as the opposition is telling you. Taking liberties with the truth are transparent tactics intended to terrify you. In reality, it is city hall that is terrified of the public input that Measure 3-269 will provide.

Before you send in your ballot, ask yourself: Why are they so afraid to give you a vote? Please vote yes on 3-269 and restore accountability in city government.

Mary F. Olson is treasurer of Ask Me First PAC of Lake Oswego.