For an off-year election, the Nov. 6 ballot has its share of highly controversial, divisive measures.

Fortunately, Measure 26-93, which appears on the city of Portland ballot, isn't one of them.

This measure makes a common-sense change to the rules governing the Portland Fire and Police Disability and Retirement Fund.

Under the current rules, police officers and firefighters who suffer significant on-the-job injuries are discouraged from returning to work. That's because officers and firefighters who do go back to work are barred from receiving reimbursement of medical expenses for their job-related injuries after they retire.

The current rule, in effect, gives police officers and firefighters an incentive to stay off the job and on disability all the way up until retirement age. If you would prefer to see these public employees back at work and off the disability rolls, vote yes on Measure 26-93.

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