This letter is in response to the imaginary conversation from Oct. 11 citizen's view by Lake Oswego City Councilor Frank Groznik:

In the late fall of 2012, the following conversation took place between David and Barbara Nuncio in the Groznik library wing of the Hammerstad Community Center.

'Barbara dear?'

'Yes, David.'

'I sure am pleased at how this Groznik Library turned out (situated in the new Hammerstad Community Center). It is so quiet and peaceful.'

'Well, David, it should be seeing how we're the only ones here.'

'If you remember, Barbara the old library was small, cramped, crowded, noisy and always seemed to have kids running around in it. Here at least I can read and sleep without being disturbed.'

'That's sweet dear. But it's sad really how there are no longer many children in Lake Oswego. With the phenomenal tax increase to pay for the Hammerstad Community Center, the sewer and water upgrades, Foothills development, Willamette River Marina and Lord knows everything else, ordinary families were taxed out of their homes. They all moved to more affordable communities. Such a terrible loss.'

'But Barbara, at least we can still afford to remain in our home.'

'David, don't bring that up. It's still a sore subject with me, selling our Cadillac Escalade to pay this year's property tax. What are we going to do next year? That Yugo you drive us around in now isn't worth but a cup of coffee.'

'Look on the positive side Barbara, our gasoline consumption has decreased to almost nothing.'

'That, David, is because that Yugo of yours is usually broken down.'

'Barbara dear?'

'Yes, David.'

'What are you reading?'

'Why this month's issue of 'Carribean Cruise and You.' Just reading this magazine every month makes me so envious of our friends. It just seems like everyone is taking cruises but us.'

'I know Barbara, but think of the money we save if we don't take cruises. And on a positive note, not going on a cruise helps us save for next year's property tax.'

'I would still like to take a vacation some time again, David.'

'Yes dear.'


'Yes, Barbara.'

'How did they come to name this library and community center?'

'Well, I understand it to be as a legacy for the past mayor and city councilors.'

'That's charming David, reminds me I received another bill from Legacy Health yesterday about your ambulance ride to the emergency room.'

'Barbara, I still don't think you needed to call the ambulance. It was nothing really.'

'Nothing? You call a heart attack nothing?'

'Barbara, the doctor said it was just minor angina from getting all worked up.'

'Well David if that's all it was then don't go to any more classes here in the community center. At least not 'Taxpayer's Obligation to City Government' by the ex-mayor or 'Ethics, Opportunity and The Greater Good' by that city councilor I forget his name now.'

'I suppose you're right Barbara. But all I needed was some fresh air and a splash of cold water on my face, that would have saved a lot of money and time.'


'Yes, dear.'

'We would be so much better off if you had voted like I wanted you to vote back in November of 2007.'

'I know Barbara, you were right and I was wrong. If I and a majority of citizens had voted for Measure 3-269 we wouldn't have these confiscatory taxes we do now.'

'Thank you David.'

'Thanks for what?'

'Thank you after of 35 years of marriage telling me I was right.'

'Ye,s dear, any time.'

'Love you, David.'

'Love you too, dear.'

Some time later, after sitting in the glow of the large fireplace, they left the Hammerstad Community Center in the warm knowledge of their upcoming April 15th, 2013 tax deduction.

Russell Jones is a resident of Lake Oswego.

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