by: JIM CLARK, Sheriff Bernie Giusto is at the center of a state board investigation, but one reader thinks the Portland Tribune and other media outlets should just leave the guy alone.

I was disappointed by the Oct. 19 editorial 'Yes to kids, yes to Measure 50.' First, there's no guarantee that the feds are going to give Salem permission to spend this money. Second, yes, 73 percent of its revenue is 'guaranteed' to be spent on children's health, but that doesn't mean that the existing money spent on such programs won't be diverted elsewhere.

It's the classic bait and switch. Rather than find money for legislators' pet projects, they frame a tax hike as 'for the children!' and then move the money around.

Measure 50 is a scam. Let's not fall for it.

Andrew Fabbro


Portland not ready for bike rental plan

In a recent letter to Commissioner Sam Adams, I let him know that I was horrified to read the news about the city's planned bike rentals (City gives bike rentals a spin, Oct. 12).

I do not believe that Portland is ready for an expanded use of the city's streets by bikers. Before this project is given serious consideration, we need to decide on the enforcement of all traffic regulations by bikers, who thus far enjoy an overprotected status without sharing the obligations of motorists.

We cannot assume that the bike rental program will work because it works in Paris, Rome and Berlin. Our bikers must first be alerted to their responsibility of protecting themselves, as any normal person past kindergarten should. It is simply a matter of disciplining those who were not disciplined at home.

John Zalas

Southeast Portland

Members of media, dismount donkeys!

I don't understand your attitude toward Sheriff Bernie Giusto (Giusto case gets real, Oct. 12).

The drive-by media marveled at how good a liar former President Clinton was. The things Clinton did were much more egregious than what Giusto is accused of. I guess it's OK if a liberal lies - they get away with it all the time. But if a conservative tries it, that's a different story.

Whether Giusto is guilty or not, I hope he beats the rap. In the meantime, why don't you get off your self-righteous donkeys and leave him alone?

Bob Hawley

Mount Angel

Emissions standards needed at all levels

Your Oct. 16 article 'States, nation face off over fuel efficiency' underscored the need for federal legislation that imposes much higher emissions standards on cars and trucks.

The auto industry's hypocrisy, including that of Prius maker Toyota, is obvious. They think they have the votes in Congress, so they go to court to oppose Oregon and other state-enacted emissions standards, arguing that it's solely a federal responsibility.

Sen. Gordon Smith, who serves on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, needs to work hard for passage of science-based legislation that reduces carbon emissions by 80 percent by 2050. He must recognize that his re-election may depend on it!

Clem Lausberg

Southeast Portland

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