Good weather prevails as season goes into full swing
by: John Brewington MINI SPRINTS—Pacific Mini Sprint cars head into the first turn during racing at River City Speedway Saturday.

Racers resumed their track title quests under near perfect conditions at River City Speedway on Saturday night.

Three races have been cancelled this season due to inclement conditions, but Saturday was neither wet nor too hot out on the track.

Curt Nusom of Gresham won the main event in the Sportsman Division, followed closely by Clark Tenney of Scappoose. Bud Russell of St. Helens took the trophy dash, while Brad Beehler of St. Helens and Dan Fox of Warren each won heats.

Justin McMullen of Deer Island was the main event winner in the Street Stock Division. Brad Nusom of Gresham won the trophy dash, Curtis Zelmer and Mike Crase, both from Portland, each won heats.

Doug Davenport of Vernonia was the Modified Division champ in the main and trophy dash, while Jeremy Martin and Clint Petty, both of St. Helens, won heat races. Ann Carter of Scappoose had the fast time of the day.

In the Mini Stock Division, it was again a day for the Beehler boys of St. Helens. Adam Beehler won a heat and the main event, while Joel Beehler won a heat and was fourth in the main. Brad Beehler was second in the main. The Oylers of St. Helens also had a good showing. John Oyler had the fast time and was third in the main. Tim Oyler won the trophy dash and was 10th in the main and Lisa Oyler was seventh in the main event.

Dave Walters of Gresham was the main event winner for the Pacific Mini Sprints and also won the trophy dash and the heat.

Kathy McMullen of St. Helens won the Women's Division main event, the trophy dash, and took second in the heat race. Morgan Tenney of Scappoose won the heat race, but broke down in the main event.

Jack Mires of Portland won the main event and the trophy dash for in the Dwarf Cars.

The Columbia County Racing Association will run a special non-points Fair Benefit Race this Wednesday night. Regular racing continues on Saturday, July 23. The Studebaker Club will have cars on display at that race.


July 9 Race

Sportsman Division

Fast Time: Chris West, Vancouver 15.03. Trophy Dash: Bud Russell, St. Helens. Heat 1: Brad Beehler, St. Helens; Aaron Elwess, Portland; Bob Berg, St. Helens. Heat 2: Dan Fox, Warren; Clark Tenney, Scappoose; Dan Smith, Scappoose. Heat 3: West; Celeste Hardesty, St. Helens; Curt Nusom, Gresham. Main: Nusom, Tenney, Smith, Berg, Elwess, Devon Reed, Woodland; Russell; Beehler; Susan Nelson, Portland; Kristi Somers, Portland.

Street Stock Division

Fast Time: Rick Rehanek, Vancouver 15.86. Trophy Dash: Brad Nusom, Gresham. Heat 1: Curtis Zelmer, Portland; Brad Martin, St. Helens; Gerardo Maya, Portland. Heat 2: Mike Crase, Portland; Justin McMullen, Deer Island; Steffan Strawn, Deer Island. Heat 3: Nusom; Rehanek; Ron Dodge, Vernonia. Main: McMullen; Martin; Rehanek; Nusom; Strawn; Ken Bryan, Toledo; Jeromy Bowman, Portland; Zelmer; Aaron Snook, Portland; Derik Beehler, St. Helens.

Modified Division

Fast Time: Ann Carter, Scappoose 15.50. Trophy Dash: Doug Davenport, Vernonia. Heat 1: Jeremy Martin, St. Helens; Davenport; TJ Richman, Portland. Heat 2: Clint Petty, St. Helens; Clark Tenney; Sean Fox, Rainier. Main: Davenport, Martin; Fox; Tenney; Mike Harrison, St. Helens; Curtis Zelmer; Petty; Dave Walters, Gresham; Carter; Richman.

Mini Stock Division

Fast Time: John Oyler, St. Helens 16.23. Trophy Dash: Tim Oyler, St. Helens. Heat 1: Joel Beehler, St. Helens; Jason Scheibel, Longview; John Oyler. Heat 2: Adam Beehler, St. Helens; Kyle Frelich, St. Helens; Jerry Wright, Portland. Main: Adam Beehler; Brad Beehler; John Oyler; Joel Beehler, St. Helens; Wright; Janeen Oyler, St. Helens; Lisa Oyler, St. Helens; Scheibel; Charles Ingram, Portland; Tim Oyler.

Women's Division

Fast Time: Jenae Frelich, St. Helens 16.42. Trophy Dash: Kathy McMullen, Deer Island. Heat: Morgan Tenney, Scappoose; McMullen; Cori Rocks, Portland; Frelich; Amanda Gay, Portland; Tiffany Berg, St. Helens. Main: McMullen; Frehlich; Gee; Rocks; Gay; Tenney.

Pacific Mini Sprints

Fast Time: Darren Pierson, Chehalis 14.10. Trophy Dash: Dave Walters, Gresham. Heat: Walters; Dan Beck, Castle Rock; Pierson; Jesse Shannon. Main: Walters; Jesse Shannon, Centralia; Mike Opaka, Marysville; Pierson; Beck; Eric Dehning, Portland.

Dwarf Cars

Fast Time: Brad Martin, St. Helens 15.02. Trophy Dash: Jack Mires, Portland. Heat: Jim Dunn, Portland; Martin; Mires; Jenelle Harrison, St. Helens. Main: Mires; Dunn; Martin; Harrison.

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