At least six voters in Lake Oswego didn't get city ballot measures on their ballots

On Tuesday afternoon, Katy Vahl noticed something strange about her Clackamas County election ballot.

Although she lives on Country Club Road in Lake Oswego, Vahl's ballot didn't have the two Lake Oswego Measures 3-269 and 3-273.

At least six Lake Oswego residents complained on Monday and Tuesday that their ballots did not include the Lake Oswego measures.

County elections officials quickly delivered revised ballots to these voters on Monday and Tuesday.

But they could not say how many other voters might not have received complete ballots.

'It's baffling to us,' said Jane Heisler, public affairs director for the city of Lake Oswego. 'We hope the elections office can get to the bottom of this.'

Vahl said she didn't notice the mistake at first. She later realized she had been left out of the Lake Oswego vote and called Clackamas County Elections Divison.

'We were filling out our ballots and noticed the Lake Oswego measures were not there,' said Vahl, referring to herself and her husband Jerry. She said they had turned in their first ballot without the Lake Oswego measures earlier Tuesday.

The county elections division will re-check its data next week to make sure it has correct Lake Oswego voter address information, according to Sherry Hall, Clackamas County Clerk.

Heisler said she knew of six voters living in four homes - four voters in Lake Grove and two voters on Country Club.

Hall said the glitch may have been because the areas were recently annexed and the county was not aware of the annexations.

But Heisler said the city is always careful about immediately notifying the county when a home or group of homes and properties are annexed.

In addition, Heisler said the Lake Grove homes were annexed in 2003 and one of the Country Club Road homes was annexed in the 1960s. She wasn't sure about the fourth home.

Hall said such mistakes are crucial in tight elections.

She said anyone who realizes after the 8 p.m. Tuesday election deadline that they received an incorrect ballot does not have recourse.

'Our goal is to be flawless,' she said. 'When this happens, we have to correct it.'

Hall added that 'it doesn't matter' if a few voters receive incorrect ballots.

Jerry Vahl said he and his wife have lived on County Club Road since 2001.

'I guess it's just something you assume is correct,' he said, referring to the county sending out the right ballot.

'You hate to tell yourself 'If my side lost miserably, I wouldn't care.' That's not the way the whole thing is supposed to work.'

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