Thanks offered following a succesful Harvest Festival

To the Editor:

Lake Oswego Harvest Festival 2007 at Millennium Park Plaza:

For the second year a great group of folks came together to make this event special; Kathy Kern from the city of Lake Oswego works tirelessly to bring together all the elements. Her staff, especially Mary and Lilly, are second to none. Nobody does it better.

Kristin Kohnke from Windermere gathered all the sponsors for the Trick or Treat Street. Many others selflessly worked to make this event a huge success, which doubled in attendance from last year. Thank you all and see you next year:

n Downtown Business District Association

n City of Lake Oswego Parks and Recreation Staff

n City of Lake Oswego Police Department

n City of Lake Oswego Maintenance Staff

n Lake View Village/Barry Cain

n The Play Boutique

n Chuck's Cookies and Coffee

n Gert Boyle

n Brenda Hart

n Gourmet Productions

n Lake Oswego Review/Barb Randall

n Anderson Hay

n Dragon Theater Puppets

n Umpqua Bank

Trick or Treat Street sponsors

n Windermere

n Kristin Kohnke

n Dr. Dale Rhoney

n Lake Oswego Christian Center

'The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.' - John E. Southard.

Lisa Shaw-Ryan

Downtown Business District Association

Lakeridge Youth Football weighs in on PNA concerns

To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Pat Dulin's letter 'Concerns raised about dealing with Palisades Neighborhood Association' which appeared in the Nov. 1issue of the Lake Oswego Review.

In his letter, Mr. Dulin stated that 'We went to the (PNA) general meeting and once again the large group from the youth football program was there to vote.'

As president of Lakeridge Youth Football, I wanted to clarify a few facts:

1) Not one of Lakeridge Youth Football's Board members participated in this PNA vote;

2) Many of the PNA members have student-athletes who also participate in our program;

3) By all accounts, the PNA vote in question was held in a legal, responsible and democratic manner;

4) As part of the PNA, Mr. Dulin is part of a larger community whose interests are being represented democratically;

5) Lakeridge Youth Football is highly sensitive to concerns raised by the neighbors who reside closest to Lakeridge High School;

6) We are extremely proud of the positive steps we have made over the past three years to virtually eliminate issues relating to parking, traffic and trash;

7) We look forward to continuing to work with the neighbors into the future to ensure that their reasonable interests are protected.

Dan Dutton


Lakeridge Youth Football

Lake Oswego

Perhaps consider a different title for 'Best of' event?

To the Editor:

As the 'Best of Lake Oswego' is celebrated on Nov. 14, it seems to me that the celebration only includes Gramor Development properties.

Shouldn't Lake Oswego's Best include businesses from all around the city? Next year, I would suggest a different title for the event.

Darby Walker

Lake Oswego

Editor's note: This letter is in reference to a full-page ad in last week's Review about celebrating 'The Best of Lake Oswego 2007' at an event coming up Wednesday evening at Millennium Plaza Park and other downtown locations. The event, sponsored by Gramor Development, Lake View Village, Lamb's Palisades Thriftway and the Review, will feature sample food tastings from five restaurants, wine tastings from at least seven wineries, meeting local high school sports teams, an opportunity to view the Gallery Without Walls, a performance by the Lake Oswego Academy of Dance and a benefit for Jeff Young.

High schools' ski and board sale and swap was a success

To the Editor:

This is an open thank-you letter to the community:

On behalf of the Lakeridge and Lake Oswego high school ski teams we would like to thank the Lake Oswego community for coming out to support the 33rd annual Ski and Board Sale and Swap held Saturday, Oct.13.

The annual ski and board sale and swap would not be a success without community support to provide gently used gear and clothing to consign. The community then returned to purchase their neighbors' gently used equipment or find a great deal on new gear from one of the local ski and board vendors.

The annual sale and swap provides a valuable service to ski and board families looking to outfit at a reasonable cost. The sale and swap also supports both the Lakeridge and Lake Oswego high school ski race teams raising funds used to purchase race equipment and pay coaching fees, while maintaining a low participation fee to enable ski racing to be accessible to more students.

We would also like to thank the businesses that participated in the sale and donated items including US Outdoor, Gorge Performance, Collins Lake Resort and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, Mt. Hood Meadows, Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camps, Rack Attack, Columbia Sportswear, DaKine and Ski Chalet.

Mark Conan

2007 Lake Oswego Ski and Board Sale and Swap Chair,

Lake Oswego

Now we know what the voters decided on local ballot measures

To the Editor:

By now we should all know the results of the election regarding Measures 3-269 and 3-273. Whatever the outcome, I will be pleased. Finally, the voters will have had a say in the purchase of the Safeco property. That is the most important thing. The mayor and council's total disregard of citizen input when they purchased the Safeco property and then over the last year has been a demonstration of council arrogance at worse and ignorance at best.

It has taken a successful initiative campaign and the placement of Measure 3-269 on the ballot for an un-listening city council to acknowledge the pleas of so many thoughtful citizens. Whatever the election result, I believe council members will be more apt to listen when citizens ask to be heard. Almost certainly, they will be more cautious in proposing major real estate acquisitions in the future without receiving more citizen input and survey analysis. And those are good things.

But faint hopes can be dashed, and if they are, we have also learned how powerful a force a dedicated group of motivated citizens can be. It has been especially gratifying to see so many conservatives and liberals, Democrats and Republicans, men and women, retirees and workers, wealthy people and not so wealthy, few hairs and full hairs, working and standing together in a worthy cause.

Whatever the outcome, we can take great pride in what we have accomplished.

Gordon Umaki

Lake Oswego