Mr. Pat Dulin, a member of the Palisades Neighborhood Association, asked what the main function of a neighborhood association was. According to the Lake Oswego Citizen Involvement Guidelines, found on-line at:

fault.htm, neighborhood associations, should determine and communicate neighborhood points of view relative to plans and decisions under consideration by the city and disperse accurate information, so that members can make a decision based on their own judgment.

The broad function of our city's 20 neighborhood associations is to provide a framework for government and citizen interaction. Neighborhood associations are charged with informing their citizenry of the nature of choices facing their community, then informing residents about how they may participate in the decision-making process.

Neighborhood associations should encourage residents to take part in decisions.

At the Oct.17, 2007 PNA general membership meeting with 130 in attendance, a motion was made to make a neighborhood association statement in favor of changing the Lakeridge athletic fields C.U.P in the following ways:

1) Allow the use of athletic fields for community and sporting events, (including, but not limited to varsity football games) even when off-site parking is needed.

2) Allow a public address system to be used during community and sporting events.

3) Allow temporary seating and team benches on the north side of the field.

4) Allow field lights to be used until 10 p.m. when needed

Discussion followed the motion. The 130 people present listened to all members who wished to comment on this motion. A vote was taken. 14 members voted in opposition to the motion. 90 voted in favor of the motion. The motion passed.

Now that the PNA board has dispersed information on the issue and members have made a decision based on their own judgment, it is the PNA's responsibility to communicate this association statement to the appropriate governmental hearing bodies.

At the Oct. 29, 2007 school board meeting this association statement was communicated to members of the school board. This neighborhood association statement will also be communicated to each of the appropriate governmental hearing bodies within our city.

Making decisions about how growth and development will occur in our neighborhood requires all of our participation. Thank you to all of the Palisades Neighborhood members who keep showing up at our meetings to express your opinions. You make our neighborhood association work.

David Feathers is the vice chair of the Palisades Neighborhood Association in Lake Oswego.

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