by: from The Outlook Archives J.C. Penny was offering cool, sleeveless, silk flat crepe dresses for $2.98 and $4 in 1931.

1911 - In the days before air conditioning, a scorching summer was a serious problem and the Midwest was having a record breaker 100 years ago. The heat wave had wiped out ice supplies and was killing small children.

Move to Oregon, advised The Outlook's reporter: 'The sun while it shines warm through the day does not so overheat the atmosphere and the earth as to make life disagreeable,' intoned the reporter.

And the cry for good roads in Oregon intensified after the accident in Southern Oregon of a member of Gresham-Portland's Kelly family. John Kelly and his family were returning home from a reunion in Portland when rough roads dislodged the gas connection in their car and the vehicle caught fire, killing one child, crippling another and disfiguring other members of the family who were riding in the vehicle.

1921 - Troutdale State Bank was back in business July 12, 90 years ago after having been blown to smithereens the previous April 20 by robbers who were too generous in their use of explosives. With walls rebuilt and reinforced, and the twisted vault door rebuilt, the bank, run by H.E. Bloyd, was back in business at the corner of Buxton Street and the historic highway. It would take the Depression to break the little bank. It is now the law office of Richard Weill.

1931 - The Gresham Chamber of Commerce was launched 80 years ago with 50 members. But times were hard and the Gresham Relief committee was also at work. At Holloway's restaurant a telephone was installed due to the rapidly increasing work in handling unemployed men and efforts to find jobs for them. Harry Holloway, who owned the restaurant, was also the town's employment officer.

1941 - Alice Pirie, a young woman from Hillsboro, died when she fell from a ledge above Multnomah Falls 70 years ago. She was with a young man from Bridal Veil, Kenyon Arrington, who fell as well, but got caught on a tree branch on the way down. Fred Luscher of Bridal Veil crawled out to rescue Arrington.

1951 - They were building a new entrance to the Multnomah County fairgrounds 60 years ago. In Wilkes, Fairview and Troutdale, local grade-school officials were kicking around the idea of a unified district with its own high school. That would become Reynolds.

1961 - It was 105 degrees in Gresham in mid-July 50 years ago. Gov. Mark Hatfield was in town talking about the current 'mess' of daylight savings time. Some places used it, others didn't. Because of the weather, even Hatfield took off his suit jacket but his wife, Antoinette, kept her flowered hat on.

1971 - Gresham was considering asking for a do-over of the 1970 census 40 years ago. The U.S. government said the city had 9,000 residents. Gresham government officials thought it might be as much as 2,000 more than that. On Richey Road, neighbors were beginning to complain about noise from loud concerts at Springer's Dance Hall. Others said it had been there for years and they were used to it. Among the players there, the Grateful Dead, though posters say the sign was called Springer's Inn in the 1970s when the Dead played a couple gigs there.

1981 - Because of earthquakes on Mount Hood in 1980, the U.S. Geological Survey was keeping a closer eye on volcanoes in the Cascade Range 30 years ago. Studies of Hood, Lassen and Shasta were under way with permanent markers placed on the mountains and measured by laser beams. Mount Hood's last major eruption was Sept. 21, 1865, and was seen from Fort Vancouver. In August 1921, several people witnessed hot sand pouring from a crevice below Crater Rock.

1991 - The Fairview Rockwood Wilkes Historical Society was negotiating with the city of Fairview to turn the old Heslin home into a community site 20 years ago. They got it done. It is now a museum and office for the historical society.

In Gresham and Troutdale, the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival was still going strong, and a co-festival was lined up called the Windjam.

2001 - Old Chicago opened in Gresham 10 years ago. It is closing July 15. Trinity Lutheran Church took over operation of Zarephath Kitchen in Gresham. Troutdale was discussing a trolley to help people get around town. And a troubled woman strangled her 20-month-old daughter in Main City Park while having a parental visit with the child, who was in state custody. A memorial of flowers was left there under a tree.

2010 - Fairview topped the list of places as a final home for the aircraft carrier USS Ranger at this time last year. Divers located the body of a 14-year-old Wood Village, boy, Andrez Bermudez, who disappeared while wading in the Sandy River. It was the first death at Glenn Otto Park in Troutdale since a rescue team was posted there.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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