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College news for July 13


Oregon State University

The following students made the scholastic honor roll for the spring term at Oregon State University in Corvallis.


4.0 - Grant Blakeley, senior, electrical and computer engineering; and Matthew Habecker, senior, business administration.

3.5-3.99 - Brittany Beem, senior, marketing; Shelbie Carmony, junior, pre-chemical engineering; Devin Gaines, senior, biology; Joseph Smoot, senior, bioengineering; Alissa Tukua, senior, animal sciences; and Andrew Verheyden, senior, exercise and sport science.


3.5-3.99 - Lauren Miller, senior, liberal studies; Craig Schaaf, senior, general science; and Samuel Schwartz, senior, construction engineering management.


4.0 - Catherine Rogers, junior, applied visual arts.

3.5-3.99 - Ethan Braught, sophomore, pre-athletic training; Nathan Smith, junior, sociology; Connor Torris, sophomore, pre-mechanical engineering; and Mackenzie Williams, sophomore, pre-business.


4.0 - Matthew Ngo, sophomore, biology.

3.5-3.99 - Hallie Exall, sophomore, pre-interiors; Maria Gomes, junior, animal sciences; Kathleen Greenhalgh, senior, exercise and sport science; Alexa Johnson, senior, bioengineering; and Nicole Rejchrt, junior, animal sciences.


4.0 - Courtney Ellis, junior, biology; Brendan Fitzpatrick, senior, food science and technology; Jessica Kibler, sophomore, English; Jodie Morris, senior, English; Jonathan Rogers, senior, chemistry; David Strickland, senior, general science; and Kaitlyn Traynor, sophomore, general science.

3.5-3.99 - Brooke Beland, junior, English; Casey Bergeron, sophomore, psychology; Andrew Bitney, senior, biology; Cameron Boaz, senior, biology; Samuel Box, junior, pre-chemical engineering; Brittany Calder, senior, marketing; Jeffrey Cary, junior, economics; Caitlynn Didlick, freshman, pre-apparel; Ashley Duncan, junior, pre-business; Lauren Engels-Smith, senior, human development and family science; Jacob Erven, senior, construction engineering management; Thomas Ferron, senior, physics; Rebecca Flynn, junior, public health; Brittany Ford, junior, exercise and sport science; Bryan Greenaway, senior, psychology; Kimberly Harnish, senior, pre-civil engineering; William Hemstrom, senior, zoology; Nathan Jones, junior, pre-mechanical engineering; Mitch Keller, senior, construction engineering management; Ashley Klees, senior, nutrition; Tyler Laufer, sophomore, pre-business; Ryan Linstad, senior, general science; Maryanne Maddoux, senior, anthropology; Thais Martinson, junior, human development and family science; Matthew McGregor, senior, biology; Rebecca McKechnie, senior, political science; Amy Nelson, senior, sociology; Nina Nguyen, junior, general science; Samuel Nicholas, senior, civil engineering; Brianna Nunez-Webb, senior, human development and family science; Gavin Riedel, senior, exercise and sport science; Laura Riehl, freshman, pre-civil engineering; Spenser Saling, sophomore, pre-mechanical engineering; Chelsey Sann, sophomore, exercise and sport science; Brent Schuller, senior, apparel design; Rachel Shay, senior, construction engineering management; Kileigh Shea, junior, pre-civil engineering; Jake Soulagnet, senior, liberal studies; Jennifer Summering, post baccalaureate, crop and soil science; Bailey Thomas, junior, pre-business; Alex Trosper, freshman, music; John Utberg Jr., senior, nuclear engineering; Richard Vachkov, senior, chemical engineering; Nicholas West, freshman, university exploratory studies; and Sarah Wong, junior, pre-chemical engineering.


3.5-3.99 - Mason Atkin, senior, psychology; Mackenzie Cox, sophomore, sociology; Morgan Cunningham, sophomore, general science; Kaitlyn Hendrickson, freshman, general science; Benjamin Huntington, senior, chemical engineering; Briana Knight, senior, biology; Jeff Monroe, senior, mathematics; Omar Rachdi, sophomore, biochemistry and biophysics; Shane Skinner, sophomore, pre-electrical and computer engineering; and Andy Svesko, senior, physics.