Thanks, Graham's for 50 great years

To the Editor:

Twenty-one years ago, our family moved into Lake Oswego and met its heart.

Rather than drive to a big box chain, we chose to shop locally and discovered Graham's Book and Stationery.

While Paul and his son carried a lovely (and very heavy) desk up two flights of stairs on a Sunday morning in time for Bob's birthday, Paul talked about Rotary's polio eradication project, boy scout opportunities and great schools with welcoming parent clubs.

Paul and Teri drove Hood-To-Coast vans filled with our teenage runners; planned downtown parades where we cheered kids on crepe paper decorated bicycles, and led downtown redevelopment efforts.

When a beloved bookstore owner retired, Graham's expanded their book department, specializing in Northwest authors. A toy store closed, and Grahams added more toys. I opened a home office, and everything I need I've found there. Economies fluctuate, needs change, but Paul's welcome and Teri's smile never waver.

Graham's is passing a historic milestone. Thank you, Paul and Teri Graham, for civic leadership, personal friendship and 50 years of outstanding business and community service.

Linda and Bob Brown

Lake Oswego

Review forgets day for vets, not Safeco

To the Editor:

Did the staff of the Lake Oswego Review forget something? What is November 11th? It is on your calendars I am sure. Why yes of course it is Veterans Day. I realize there was an election on November 6th. How could one forget, your paper is full of the results. Is that an excuse for not one single word in the Review concerning the day set aside to remember the veteran? I don't think so. Election Day usually falls close to Veterans Day. It would have been outstanding if you had asked your readership to send a greeting card to a disabled Veteran. I have received e-mails this week asking for cards to be sent to disabled veterans. Didn't anyone on the staff receive them? If you ever visited a Veterans hospital with men and women patients who have returned from Iraq missing limbs, you might have a much different attitude. But let me not interfere with the important stuff like the bond issue that the people must now face and vote on to do whatever is to be done to the Safeco building.

William E. Campbell

Col (Ret.) USA

Lake Oswego

Mayor's quotes send poor message

To the Editor:

In the November 8th edition of the Lake Oswego Review, Mayor Hammerstad was quoted as saying 'Now we need to start healing from the division caused by this election'. Just the day before she was quoted in the Oregonian as saying 'I'm really blown away. This (the election) illustrates once again that we have responsible, supportive and wonderful citizens', which sounds like she believes that those who didn't support the purchase of the Safeco building were irresponsible, unsupportive (of the City) and terrible citizens.

Not the greatest way to start the healing process, Madam Mayor.

Rick Parfrey

Lake Oswego

Despite election, battle just starting

To the Editor:

The voters have spoken relative to Measures 3-269 and 3-273. I accept those votes and the will of the people on the measures as written.

I agree that had the limit been set at $5 million rather than $2 million, much of the objection to Measure 3-269 would have been eliminated and the measure would have passed. But as the blind man said, hindsight is always perfect.

Regarding passage of Measure 3-273, the voters said only that the property should be retained in a non-binding, no cost referendum, but that's easy to do when people are misled to believe they don't need to get their checkbooks out. Further, registered voters who did NOT vote in this election may well vote in a bond measure election. Will they be willing to pay increased taxes for a property which has no known reasonable use? It's a quandary for city council: We don't know what to do with the property, but we want to keep it, and we want you to pay for it for 20 years.

Now that I know the outcome of the election, while I am pleased that a vote regarding Safeco has finally taken place over the objections of city council, I am resigned to the fact that this battle is only beginning, and it's going to be a prolonged, agonizing one for us all.

Gordon Umaki

Lake Oswego

Election thanks and next steps

To the Editor:

First and foremost, a huge thanks to everyone who signed our petition, worked on our campaign, and voted for Measure 3-269! We had fun and worked hard on something we are passionate about - citizen involvement in government. Our deepest and sincere gratitude to all of you.

We also want to thank Councilor Kristin Johnson for pushing her fellow councilors to put Safeco on the ballot. She showed genuine leadership on this issue. Like us, she wanted to give Lake Oswegans a chance to vote.

Now what? In his Oregonian article of Nov. 9th, reporter Dana Tims points out that an election for approval of a bond measure is needed to finance the purchase '... because the city, in making the hasty acquisition, took out a $20 million line of credit that needs to be paid off.' But Mayor Hammerstad said in the same article that we shouldn't 'rush' a bond measure to the Nov. 2008 ballot! Instead, she wants to continue depleting our property tax reserves to the tune of at least $1,200,000 per year. Voters on both sides of this issue should demand a vote as early as possible for a bond measure to pay off this expensive line of credit!

Mayor Hammerstad wants our city to 'come together' and to 'heal'. Councilor McPeak wants 'civility'. Our fear is that 'coming together' is a euphemism for 'business as usual', and that 'civility' means 'don't question us'. We hope not. The council's actions in the coming months will speak volumes about its sincerity in wanting this community to heal.

Mary Olson

Ask Lake Oswegans

Lake Oswego

Congrats go out to Lakeridge

students and staff

To the Editor:

Congratulations to the Lakeridge Pacer staff and student body for bringing Pacer Pride back to Lakeridge. From the singing of the National Anthem to the circling of the football team on the field after the game against Lake Oswego High School, the Lakeridge students showed amazing school spirit and made me proud to be a Pacer alum and parent. Go Pacers!

Susan Steger

Lake Oswego