Tillamook County man pleas 'no contest' to charges he tried to steal car with knife
by: Courtesy photo Robert David Larsen

A 24-year-old Tillamook County man plead 'no contest' last week after he tried to steal an acquaintance's car from the St. Helens Walgreen's parking lot.

Robert David Larsen's plea comes with a prison sentence of 65 months.

Deputy District Attorney Dale Anderson commented on the plea when it was in the works, saying the sentence was not excessive given the nature of the initial charges, which also involved attempted kidnapping.

The attempted car jacking occurred in February, when Larsen approached a male acquaintance who was sitting in his car.

Larsen attempted to take the car by force, with the victim still in it, to an apartment rented by Larsen's cousin.

Larsen accused the man of abusing his cousin in the past and wanted him to apologize, according to the District Attorney's office.

Anderson said the crime was bizarre due to the logistics of the car jacking. Larsen's cousin lives less than a quarter mile away, within walking distance of the Walgreens.

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