letters - July 14, 2011


The last name of Mona Ellison of Lake Oswego was misspelled in a citizen's view in last week's Lake Oswego Review. 

'Nutrition depends on healthy soils'

To the Editor:

Community Supported Agriculture and Luscher Farm are a community gem we need to understand and learn to appreciate. They need to expand and serve a widening segment of Lake Oswego residents.

Food prices are out of control. There is talk of food shortages just around the corner. Rising energy prices impact food production. Energy prices affect the cost and availability of fertilizer in conventional agriculture. They also raise the cost of trucking and distribution.

These are reasons that growing food locally in organic soils is critical to the community.

The current Parks and Recreation proposal for Luscher Farm shows no understanding for agriculture and soils.

People need healthy, nutritious food at prices they can afford.

Not all foods are alike. Nutrition depends on soils. Building healthy organic soils takes years.

It makes no sense to destroy these soils by using the land for parking or for sports fields. Nor does it make sense to shift the farming operation to less productive land that will need years of careful nurture and husbandry before it produces the way the present operation does.

Instead of restricting Luscher Farm and using these excellent agricultural soils for parking and sports fields we need to expand the CSA operations and develop this community resource for the benefit of every Lake Oswego resident.

Karl R. Huber

Lake Oswego

'Progress is a state of mind' here in Lake Oswego

To the Editor:

Progress is a state of mind.

It's hooked to ideas

Of growth and movement.

Get on board or be left behind.

So we stand on the platform

As the train (streetcar) pulls away

With only the lake, flowers and the river

To offer comfort

For our backward ways.

James Fleming

Lake Oswego