Bits and Pieces

by: Christopher Onstott Jesse Graff, dressed as “Spock,” poses for a fan photo holding a kitten during a “Star Trek in the Park” show at Woodlawn Park.

Trekkies unite

It would appear illogical for Captain James T. Kirk to be manning the bridge in the middle of a park, but they're givin' it all they got.

Up beams another fun, and inherently campy, version of 'Star Trek in the Park,' titled 'Mirror, Mirror,' as the crew of the starship Atomic Arts asks the question on every Vulcan mind: 'Has the whole galaxy gone crazy.'

Says Tribune photographer Christopher Onstott, on the first weekend's packed voyage at Woodlawn Park, which included a gentleman clingin' on from a tree branch: 'I'm not even a Star Trek fan, and I found it funny.'

The free show continues at 5 p.m. Saturdays through July 31. May the force be with them (oops, wrong sci-fi thriller).

Entering the Hall

The Oregon Music Hall of Fame has announced the recent inductees.

They are: Phil Baker, bassist for Pink Martini; Dharma Bums, which had a reunion last year after 18 years; Norman Sylvester, blues man; Jeffrey Fredrick and the Clamtones, Portland residents since 1975; Sam Henry, drummer extraordinaire; Sequel, 1970s and '80s rockers; George Touhouliotis, Satyricon owner; Wheatfield, a Eugene duo-turned-quartet; Bob Ancheta, longtime deejay. Artist of the year is Grammy-winning Esperanza Spalding.

Induction ceremony is Oct. 8 at the Newmark Theatre.

Woody on film

The Michael O'Rourke documentary, 'Roll on Columbia: Woody Guthrie and the Columbia River Songs,' about the folk legend's one-month sojourn in Portland in 1941 to write songs for the Bonneville Power Administration, rolls on the big screen again at 7 p.m. July 25 at the Bagdad Theater.

The film showed to a sold-out crowd at Edgefield in April, but it has been newly edited. The night's events will include a conversation with O'Rourke and Bill Murlin, whose quest to recover the songs 45 years after their creation inspired the film and an earlier radio documentary in the 1980s.

Portland Opera

How does an opera operate? The Portland Opera lets you know through a six-week program, 'From Initial Conception to Critical Reception: How Does An Opera Get On Its Feet?', each Tuesday from July 26 to Aug. 30 at the Hampton Opera Center. Cost is $100 and is designed for high school age and older. See port for info.

This and that

Portland International Raceway is open again for bicycling enthusiasts, including some racing, every Monday and Tuesday nights, starting at 4 p.m. See for info. … A new 'Winnie the Pooh' is coming to theaters Friday, July 15. … The Gourmet Century bike ride through Willamette Valley wine country, put on by Chris King, will be July 30; it's featured in the latest issue of 'Bicycling' magazine. … 'Skate Summer 2011,' spanning three nights and featuring some of the best skate films of the past 20 years, will be July 22-24 at Hollywood Theatre. See info at .