by: Vern Uyetake, 
Anne Chen returned David Packard’s missing gold ring, affirming his belief in the community. The ring apparently was run over by a vehicle in a Lake Oswego parking lot.

For Christmas in 1979, Lake Oswego resident David Packard's true love gave to him one golden ring.

His personalized ring, adorned with his initials, was created by his high school buddy who worked in the jewelry business. This special gift from Packard's wife remained on his pinky-finger until recently when his finger appeared bare.

'All of the sudden, I had that blank feeling like, 'where is it?'' Packard said.

He began the search for his unique ring by retracing his steps from the previous day back to the Albertson's parking lot near Ace Hardware on State Street, but returned home empty handed. Because Packard has lived in Lake Oswego since 1981 and his grandparents since the 1920s, he had faith in the local community.

'I figured there are a lot of good people here,' Packard said. 'Someone would probably put something in the lost and found classifieds.'

Anne Chen, a West Linn resident, never expected to find a mangled gold treasure in the parking lot on her way to Moonstruck Chocolate Co. near Ace Hardware with her two girlfriends.

'It's really heavy and quite impressive,' Chen said. 'It was custom made and had initials on the face.'

She knew the ring must have had sentimental value and decided to place an advertisement in the Lake Oswego Review's classified section.

'Sunday morning I opened the paper and found the very first listing: 'FOUND Man's GOLD RING, Albertson's parking lot,'' Packard said. He called Chen to identify his ring and said, 'If it's my ring, it would say 'DP' on it.'

'I've got your ring!' Chen replied.

The two met up at a local Starbucks for her to return the ring and him to give thanks. In gratitude for Chen's kindness, he gave her Starbucks and Moonstruck gift certificates. Packard also offered to reimburse her for the advertisement and pulled out his wallet. Chen stopped him and said, 'You know the LO Review does them for free.'

Living in the Lake Oswego and West Linn area is truly a gift no matter what time of year, Packard indicated.

'It's just the quality of people in this area who would do something like that,' Packard said of Chen's kindness.

This holiday season, Chen is just grateful she could return a priceless gift back to its owner.

'I think it's the best Christmas present I'm going to give all year,' Chen said.

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