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From left, Erin O’Rourke-Meadors, Kirsten Vollan and Bob Guyan were presented last week with Unsung Hero awards.


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The three winners of this year's Unsung Heroes each had a special impact on Lake Oswego in the last year.

The heroes - Kirsten Vollan, Erin O'Rourke-Meadors and Bob Guyan - were recognized by the Lake Oswego City Council Dec. 4 for improving their community without seeking or receiving pay or recognition.

Of the seven nominations this year, each made important community contributions and all were very deserving of the award, according to this year's judges.

The judges were Corrina Campbell-Sack, Andrew Edwards Rick Bella, Barbara Zeller, Peter Klaebe, Jerry Wheeler and Jeannie McGuire.

Since 2001, the city has recognized people in Lake Oswego who help their neighbors and improve the community without seeking or receiving pay or recognition. Thirty-two awards have been presented since the program's inception.

Erin O'Rourke-Meadors

'Over the years, Erin O'Rourke-Meadors has constantly worked for the good of the community, and I think she is truly an Unsung Hero,' said Marylou Colver, who nominated O'Rourke- Meadors. 'In a city known for citizen involvement, Erin is exemplary.'

O'Rourke-Meadors' contributions include: Four-term president of Westlake Homeowner's Association; formed the Westlake Neighborhood Association; chair city of Lake Oswego Budget Committee; member of the League of Women Voters; member of LONAC; member of the League of Women Voters Garden Tour.

Kirsten Vollan

Kirsten Vollan was selected for her work on the Daffodil Festival.

'Kirsten's passion for flowers has led her to become an advocate for children as well as beautify the city of Lake Oswego,' said Susan Reinhart, who nominated her. 'She works tirelessly, planting daffodil bulbs and pansies at schools, the Heritage House, parks and the Lake Oswego Library.'

This year will be the fifth year of the Daffodil Festival. It began with a group of volunteers introducing children at Forest Hills Elementary to daffodils. After the demonstration, the children planted more than 1,000 bulbs.

Since then other schools, buildings, and parks have been planted.

Bob Guyan

Bob Guyan is recognized for establishing a database of volunteers for the Lake Oswego Library and work in the ACC Computer Learning Center. Some notable service includes:

* In 1994, Mr. Guyan set up a database of volunteers who gave time to the Lake Oswego Library.

* He is a member of the Lake Oswego Computer Learning Center at the Adult Community Center. He also set up a database of participants at the CLC.

* He teaches classes and co-hosts the Digital Photography Interest Group, which meets monthly.

* For 10 years, he has been a member of the CLC Advisory Board.

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