U.S. attorney calls abuse of disabled child and his sister 'horrific'
by: JAIME VALDEZ Lisa A. Ford, a convicted child pornographer, was sentenced by a Washington County judge Wednesday to 42 years in prison. Her husband, Michael Marceau, also received a 42-year sentence.

Convicted child pornographers Lisa A. Ford and Michael J. Marceau were each sentenced Wednesday afternoon to 42 years in prison in Washington County Circuit Court.

Judge Kirsten E. Thompson's sentence is in addition to federal sentences handed down last month to the Aloha couple in separate federal cases. Ford was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Ancer Haggerty to 45 years in prison. Haggerty also sentenced Marceau to 49 years in prison.

They will serve their sentences in federal prison.

Ford and Marceau were arrested at their Southwest 207th Avenue home on Feb. 19, 2010, after the U.S. Department of Homeland Security discovered child pornography images in a series of emails between Marceau and an employee with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents searched the couple's Aloha residence and discovered pornographic images of the couple sexually abusing Ford's two children. The children were 6 and 14 at the time. The son, the older of the two, was severely disabled and unable to communicate or care for himself.

Ford's 45-year federal sentence was based on 25 offenses. Marceau's 49 years were based on 27 federal offenses, which included producing child pornography, allowing a child to be used in the production of pornography, and transporting, receiving and possessing child pornography.

'There really are no winners in this,' Homeland Security Special Agent Leigh Winchell told reporters after the sentencing. 'However, what we can say is that some justice was accomplished.'

In the Washington County courtroom Wednesday, Marceau declined to make a statement prior to sentencing. Ford, however, openly wept, saying, 'I live every day with shame and guilt. I just want to say I'm sorry to my kids, for what I did to them. I love them deeply, and I always will.'

Ford's lawyer, Devon Fooks, said she suffered from dependent personality disorder, and that Marceau was the true predator and pedophile in the case.

Washington County Deputy District Attorney Paul T. Maloney said the two suspects should be charged equally for different reasons.

'She was the mother,' Maloney told the judge. 'To paint her as a victim is clearly inappropriate in this case. She didn't just let it happen. She actively participated in the abuse of these very vulnerable children.'

After the sentencing, U.S. Attorney Dwight Holton called the couple's crimes 'horrific.'

'It almost cheapens the word 'tragedy' to call it a tragedy,' Holton told reporters. 'Let this tragedy not be in vain. Let us be ever more vigilant.'

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