Careless actions lead to selfless good deed

To the Editor:

Several months ago, our next-door neighbors put their house up for sale, packed up, moved away and abandoned a dozen cats to fend for themselves.

For the previous several years, this colony of semi-feral cats was being fed and cared for by said neighbor.

When confronted, this neighbor denied the cats were his, stating 'they are feral and not mine.'

Since our former neighbors were no longer feeding them after their move, this colony was literally starving through no fault of their own and due entirely to the callousness and indifference of these humans.

Despite repeated calls to West Linn's Animal Control Officer, which were never returned, and a call to Clackamas County, nothing had been done regarding this cat colony.

Evidently, there are no facilities in Clackamas County to help abandoned cats, unlike the huge effort to re-home abandoned, surrendered dogs.

My husband and I began feeding this colony and contacted the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon. They instructed us on how to capture the colony and bring all 12 cats in to go through the FCCO's Trap-Neuter-Release clinic, which we successfully accomplished this past Saturday at our cost.

I wanted to take a moment to thank the FCCO for their help and guidance.

I also wanted to let my current neighbors know that, yes, the Dodgsons will probably now be known as the 'Cat House on 16th Street,' but we feel that we have been left no choice but to let this colony live out their time safe and being fed.

They will no longer be able to reproduce and should no longer be wandering the neighborhood as much.

If you are feeding and caring for feral cats and need help or guidance with your colony, please call the FCCO at 503-797-2606.

Michelle Dodgson

West Linn

Double majority leads to expensive lifestyle

To the Editor:

Sorry to see you didn't include other comments I made at the last city council meeting on Dec. 10.

My problem with the double majority is when non-votes carry more weight than a no vote. Those who choose not to vote are holding the rest of us, both those who vote yes or vote no, hostage.

I am astonished that so many chose to send more money to Washington, D.C. and Salem. Fees are not tax deductible.

Once this money goes to Washington we will be lucky to see any of it. We will see some from Salem.

The biggest bang for our buck is when it's kept locally. West Linn has the highest income level in the state of Oregon, yet our city tax rate is half of that of other cities around us.

Those who live on fixed income are hurt the most.

Any increase in Social Security is usually taken in the raise of Medicare B coverage and I haven't seen a raise in my retirement from my former employer in years.

Many of us moved here before West Linn became such a high-end city. When will people realize services provided by the city are not free?

I don't mind paying for them. The Robinwood Neighborhood Association at their meeting voted unanimously to seek ways these costs can be made deductible. Mayor King was present at that meeting.

These fees can be referred to the voters of West Linn. The city has the ability to place something on the ballot in November 2008.

The double majority can't hold us hostage then. I hope the city will place a measure on it at that time If not, we will see if others want to work with me to refer these fees to the voters to repeal them.

Robert Stowell

West Linn