The Lake keeps flavor of community


Editor's Note: The following is an open letter to Drew Prell:

It is never too late to speak to reason and appeal to good character. For sure your No. 1 helper at the Lake Theater would say you are 'of good character.' It seems you were asked, 'Do you want to let me work? Or do you just want to pay my rent?' Her ticket taking rarely interferes with her wonderful knitting and handwork. Your neat Mom!

Years ago you did respond favorably to local citizens, but now it seems that California associates (or associations) have greater influence and whetted your monetary glands. Because liquor would be sold under the same roof/wall, I think not even one screen could be viewed by minors. Meantime the restaurant 'thinks' it can make monthly lease payments of plus/minus $10,000 per month to you, the owner. 'The Lake' would close.

The appeal I address is the sense that The Lake keeps alive the flavor of Oswego community, much like the tree in Safeway's parking lot, lit the second time when I arrived in this small city ($ notwithstanding). I ask where can Lake Oswego citizens speak up, concerned with the heart of the community.

Money has appeal to all, but it seems that the California syndrome of priority has crept into your psyche. Without calling names, his profile is witness in many parts of the First Addition neighborhood … some good, some bad. If the theater goes entirely, there is no downtown Lake Oswego at this end of the lake. There are nine Starbucks in 'greater' Oswego, an obvious sign of transience. Without a theater there is no permanent signpost of Oswego … just another drive through. Catering to community wants is shot! The end.

This letter is being sent to the Lake Oswego Review editor. You are the same person who once did not show a borderline PG film because a concerned parent previewed it in another part of Portland, wrote a letter and then came to you to request that it not be shown where their kids had quick access. Then, you were impressed enough to listen and that film was passed by. It seems you still made sufficient funds and 'perhaps' felt that your choice to listen to your community was in the line of civic duty. (No I can't remember the title.) I think you oversaw closely the remodel when there was a fire several years ago.

What I don't know is the 'titles' and owners of the old 'Pinafore' (1966?) to the present time? Is there any guarantee you will receive plus/minus $10,000 per month? You have only a lease, and already there is outside seating to expand in summer weather. I will be mailing this and continue voicing it in strategic places, in hopes that others unaware of your possible decision will seek to influence you to keep the Lake Theater. Thank you for your time and consideration, then and now.

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Maureen Morrison Long is a Lake Oswego resident