Global warming may not be caused by humans


The following submission is a persuasive letter written by Kendal Good, a sixth grade student at Cascade Heights Public Charter School.

To the Editor:

People say that humans are causing global warming because they drive care and use inefficient lights. I'm here to tell you all that humans don't cause global warming.

First of all, the theory of people causing global warming has not been proven yet. What has been proven is that the Earth is warming up. A reason for the Earth warming might be that if Earth's temperature has risen in the past it might just rise again.

Secondly, scientists haven't determined what the 'perfect' global temperature is. We know that in the history of the Earth it has been significantly warmer and colder than today. Why are the standard temperatures from the last 100 years or so the ones we measure against? There's also the question of the data accuracy.

Finally, my next question is why are people wanting to change their lives and the lives of other for something that might even be something we can solve. This is what I think: The scientists have made a theory that sounds true, most people believe the scientists' theory, and now you have a belief in global warming. My point is, don't take action on something that might not even happen.

In closing, the theory that people cause global warming is inconclusive (not proven). Nature does have cycles, and it's proven. Warming and cooling have been going on before people have walked the Earth.

Kendal Good