In November, Adonica Glatt signed a letter of intent to compete to attend Oregon State University on a gymnastics scholarship. The Beavers are currently ranked 11th in the nation.

Over the past few years, Oregon universities have received notoriety for a wide range of athletic successes. Oregon's football and basketball teams have made waves, as has the back-to-back national champion baseball teams of Oregon State. And the University of Portland's women's soccer team always makes the news in the fall as it battles for a national title.

But one of the area's most consistently top-ranked collegiate programs is generally unheralded. Oregon State's gymnastics program has been consistently ranked in the top-20 in the nation for years and has been a breeding ground for some of the top talents around the country.

Now a West Linn senior can be counted among them.

Senior Adonica Glatt signed a letter of intent in mid-November to compete for the Beavers' gymnastics team starting next year. She will receive a full-ride to Oregon State, a team that is currently ranked No. 11 in the country.

'It was definitely my first choice. I just wasn't sure if they'd have a place for me,' Glatt said.

Glatt has been participating in gymnastics for nearly a decade. As a young girl she participated in multiple sports but gymnastics stuck and she took it up full-time.

'I really like how (gymnastics) requires so much hard work and focus. It's about being able to control your body,' Glatt said.

She showed an early aptitude in the sport and soon began to train five days a week.

Even with a considerable amount of natural talent, gymnastics takes an incredible amount of training to get to the level that Glatt is currently performing at.

Her weekday routine consists of school, then four hours of practice at the Multnomah Athletic Club, then homework.

'You work on each skill for about an hour and every few days you do weights. I owe so much to my coaches. They've been great,' Glatt said.

Even with the busy schedule, Glatt maintains a 3.97 GPA. It doesn't leave a lot of free time. Especially when you consider that, on many weekends, she is competing and occasionally traveling to face off against some of the most talented gymnasts in her age group.

'I've been doing this so long that I've gotten pretty good at managing my time. You can't really procrastinate,' Glatt said.

Glatt has participated in the Junior Olympics four times, finishing in 18th place most recently. She has also competed internationally in Japan and Costa Rica.

In order to compete at the collegiate level, Glatt needed to be proficient in each routine. Her favorite is the uneven bars.

'I like how you have to find a balance. It involves timing and power,' Glatt said.

OSU has long been Glatt's top choice for colleges to attend. She has attended many of the Beavers' home meets and made her official visit in October, staying with some of her future teammates in Corvallis.

Glatt is looking forward to competing at such a high level in college without having to travel far from home.

Although she has already made a name for herself as one of the elite gymnasts in the nation, Glatt is just focusing on her immediate future.

'People always ask me if my goal is to make it to the Olympics. I don't think so. College is my goal right now and, after that, I think I'll be done and my body might be done with it too,' Glatt said.

There will be plenty of traveling with the college team as the Beavers will take on Pac-10 opponents and compete in numerous tournaments all over the country.

'Everyone says that competing in college is so much fun and more team-oriented. It's something I've been hoping to do for a while,' Glatt said.

Glatt thinks that she may want to go into business in college but, for now, she is just excited to have the chance to compete at an elite level for a few more years.

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