First Addition or First Division?

To the Editor:

If the owner at Ninth Street and F Avenue once endeavored to protect the First Addition Neighborhood, why does she now wish to destroy it? Is it for personal desires and monetary profit? She does not seem to understand that the neighbors do not want the double lot to be carved into six parcels. One housing development spawns another, and soon the area becomes First Division Neighborhood.

The owner at Ninth and F has invited the opponents of her housing idea to meet and discuss the proposed project. Our response is that there is nothing to discuss. Anything other than one or two single-family homes on that double lot is totally unacceptable.

The owner has not asked to present her idea to the FAN organization. At the last FAN meeting it was announced that the proposed project at Ninth and F Avenue does not meet the requirements for either a variance or conditional use exceptions to the zoning ordinance. The president of the FAN organization presented these facts also to the Lake Oswego Planning Commission. Why does this owner continue to press for acceptance?

A fact, which needs clarifying, is that in the present code Secondary Dwelling Units (SDUs) are allowed. However, the intention of this is for a family member, such as a mother-in-law, or nanny, to occupy it. It cannot be owned or sold separately. The R6 lot is not for two families.

We will take down the signs stating 'Yes 2, No 6, Save our Neighborhood, No on 9th and F' when the owner either withdraws her idea or relocates it to a multi-family land use area.

If you readers would like to help protect our existing single-family lots from undesired development, please e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Rosalie Justen

Lake Oswego

Holiday decorations beg a question

To the Editor:

Why does the city of Lake Oswego decorate the trees on State Street and on A Avenue like upside- down egg beaters every December?

Jen Peluso

Lake Oswego

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