Council plans improvement district in Tigard Triangle


TIGARD - The City Council on Dec. 18 declared its intention to form a local improvement district in the Tigard Triangle to upgrade streets and infrastructure.

Specht Development initiated the project, and Group MacKenzie prepared the preliminary engineer's report, which concludes that the project is feasible and recommends that the LID be formed.

Council members approved a resolution declaring their intention to form the LID and set a public hearing on the issue for Jan. 22

The LID would address findings in the 2002 Tigard Transportation System Plan that identified the Tigard Triangle, bordered by Pacific Highway, Highway 217 and 72nd Avenue, as an area where future transportation problems appear significant.

The LID boundaries are Dartmouth Street to Baylor Avenue from 68th Avenue to 69th/70th avenues.

Specht's petition to form the LID lists the following streets slated for improvements: 69th Avenue between Dartmouth and Baylor streets, Clinton Street between 68th Parkway and 70th Avenue, and Dartmouth Street between 68th Parkway and 70th Avenue (the north side only).

Other streets included in the LID are Baylor Street from 70th to just east of 69th Avenue and 68th Parkway from Dartmouth Street to 50 feet north of Clinton Street (the west side only) and a landscaped median extending from 150 feet to 350 feet north of Clinton.

The project also would include sidewalks, ramps, curbs, signing and striping to support a proposed traffic signal at the intersection of 68th and Dartmouth Street.

Furthermore, the proposed improvements include upgrading the streets to full city street standards, including sewer, storm drainage, curbs, gutters, sidewalks and street trees, and placing utilities underground.

The estimate of the total cost of the improvements is between $2.3 million and $2.5 million.

The resolution also lays out the proposed method of assessing property owners in the district, which is tentative and may be altered by the city at the time of final assessment.