Take this quiz to find out how closely you were paying attention to the arts, local culture and current events in 2007
by: ©2007 OWEN CAREY, Wade McCollum, most recently a star in Portland Center Stage’s “Cabaret,” sure makes his way around the theater world.

1. While starring in the Chekhov adaptation 'Vanya' at Artists Repertory Theatre, Oscar-winning actor William Hurt …

a. lived up to his reputation as a brilliant but unpredictable personality.

b. bestowed occasional acts of kindness on fellow cast members.

c. was incensed by poor reviews of his girlfriend's performance in the production.

d. all of the above

2. The Museum of Contemporary Craft opened on the North Park Blocks on the former site of what?

a. a gay disco

b. a chop shop

c. an American Indian burial ground

d. a fabric store

3. Which of these Portland cultural organizations is advertised as the oldest of its kind in the nation?

a. Oregon Symphony

b. Portland Youth Philharmonic

c. Oregon Ballet Theatre

d. Dr. Pain's Wrestling Clinic

4. When did Mayor Tom Potter grow his beard and mustache?

a. while at a green law enforcement seminar in Hawaii

b. at Burning Man

c. on a camping trip in the Siskiyous

d. as part of a recent fundraiser for the Portland Art Center

5. Immediately before starring in the musical 'Cabaret' at Portland Center Stage, actor Wade McCollum was a cast member in what?

a. 'One' in Seattle

b. 'Jersey Boys' in San Francisco

c. 'The Color Purple' in New York

d. 'Macbeth' in London

6. Which local celebs were reported to dine frequently at 23Hoyt in the Oct. 27 'Power Tables' feature of The Wall Street Journal?

a. Thomas Lauderdale, Storm Large and Todd Haynes

b. Terry Bean, Peter Stott and Brad Cloepfil

c. Margie Boulé, Nicole Vogel and Tracy Barry

d. Earl Blumenauer, Vera Katz and Tom Potter

7. Which former member of the largely fictional band Spinal Tap appeared at the recent Wordstock festival?

a. Harry Shearer/Derek Smalls

b. Michael McKean/David St. Hubbins

c. Christopher Guest/Nigel Tufnel

d. Tony Hendra/Ian Faith

8. Mezzo-soprano Jossie Pérez, who made her Portland Opera debut in September as Carmen, has a tattoo around her ankle that reads what?

a. 'Live to the point of tears'

b. 'In it to win it!'

c. 'Noli me tangere'

d. 'Swing for the fences'

9. When he played Billy Flynn in the musical 'Chicago' at the Keller this year, what did former 'Dukes of Hazzard' star Tom Wopat do during the intermission?

a. had a smoke on Clay Street

b. stood in the lobby selling his own music CDs

c. ran though his lines for 'Coriolanus'

d. had it out with co-star Lisa Rinna for being flat

10. TVA Architects has been hired by Portland Parks and Recreation to design new structures to house Saturday Market because …

a. macramé has had a resurgence in popularity and more space is needed for knotty merchants.

b. the Union Gospel Mission will be preparing and serving weekend meals for the homeless in the space.

c. the University of Oregon expansion is displacing the market.

d. a year-round farmers market will be established under the bridge.

11. Where is the performance company Nature Theater of Oklahoma, which appeared at this year's Time-Based Art Festival, based?

a. Oklahoma

b. Texas

c. California

d. New York

12. After the demise of Ripe and Family Supper, chef Naomi Pomeroy opened a new restaurant called what?

a. Overripe

b. Whole Hog

c. Beast

d. Kill Michael Hebberoy

13. TV legend Chuck Barris visited Portland in the spring promoting a …

a. new game show.

b. new decoder ring.

c. new novel.

d. none of the above

14. Which of the following is not a Portland band?

a. Pink Martini

b. Dirty Martini

c. Swizzle Chicks and the Piping Hot Toddies

d. Lemon Twist and the Gimlets

15. Every year, lovers of this thing convene at the Alibi as part of their annual convention.

a. Monte Cristo sandwiches

b. tiki bars

c. Elvis

d. neon signs

16. Which of the following is not the name of an art gallery represented at the Affair at the Jupiter Hotel this year?

a. A Great Big Moustache

b. Get This!

c. Little Cakes

d. Tinlark

17. Portland has more of these per capita than any city in America.

a. brew pubs

b. Priuses

c. strip bars

d. all of the above

18. The Portland Art Museum unveiled its new art competition, the Contemporary Northwest Art Awards, with the following grand prize:

a. $100,000

b. $10,000

c. two weeks of mentoring by chief curator Bruce Guenther

d. cocktails with Buzzy Sammons at the Multnomah Athletic Club

19. What happened to the wave-powered energy generating buoy launched off Newport this fall?

a. It currently generates enough electricity to power a city block.

b. It's on display at OMSI.

c. It is home to a colony of cormorants.

d. It sunk to the bottom of the sea.

20. 'Sell Out,' artist Andrew Dickson's PowerPoint lecture at the Time-Based Art Festival, was about …

a. a businessman who runs for mayor.

b. a stripper who becomes an escort.

c. an adman who becomes an artist.

d. an artist who becomes an adman.

21. Which of the following new bars is not owner-operated by recent California transplants?

a. the Purple Tooth (now closed)

b. Bailey's Tap Room

c. the Chesterfield

d. Tear Drop Lounge

22. Which fledgling Portland theater company did not survive the year?

a. Fall Guy Theatre

b. Our Shoes Are Red/The Performance Lab

c. Key Productions

d. Spiral Stage Theatre Group

23. South Waterfront artist-in-residence Linda K. Johnson does what every morning?

a. walks the neighborhood creating a movement journal of stylized gestures

b. rolls naked in the mud of the nearby park

c. rearranges a barely visible installation of Polly Pocket dolls

d. takes coffee on a different condo balcony

24. Each year, the city of Sherwood celebrates what festival:

a. Robin Hood Festival

b. Elephant Garlic Festival

c. Wood Whittling Weekend

d. Strawberry Festival

25. Which was not a Portland Monthly cover story in 2007?

a. 12 Hottest Companies

b. 20 Best Neighborhoods

c. 40 ways to have fun and stay fit

d. 99 Best Canine Stylists

26. Whose chowder won the second annual Chowder Challenge in November?

a. Alameda Brewhouse

b. Morrison Hotel

c. Lompoc Fifth Quadrant

d. Lucky Lab

27. Who threatened to sue city Commissioner Sam Adams over a Web site with his name on it?

a. makers of Samuel Adams beer

b. Adams peanut butter

c. the Grizzly Adams fan club

d. the Addams Family official Web site

28. What is Branx?

a. the name of the elk statue on Southwest Main Street

b. a type of salmon jerky sold at the Portland Farmers Market

c. a nightclub in the Southeast Industrial District

d. a prolific graffiti artist

29. What can you find at

a. video clips of people imitating Mickey Rourke in the movie 'Barfly'

b. pesticide-free ways to prevent fruit flies

c. lists of people transported by the CHIERS van

d. funny user reviews of just about every bar in Portland

30. Milepost 5, the former Baptist Manor that is being rehabbed at Northeast 82nd Avenue and Oregon Street, will offer affordable condos and rental apartments for whom?

a. former Baptists

b. artists

c. retired senior citizens

d. denizens of the Avenue of Roses

31. Which of the following is a local fat-friendly dance party?

a. Saint Cupcake

b. Cupcake Mama

c. Cupcake Jones

d. Cupcake Portland

32. Why do the Humanists of Greater Portland gather every week at Northwest Portland's Friendly House?

a. to discuss culture and science

b. to foster a sense of community

c. to take in lectures on topics ranging from nutrition to death with dignity

d. all of the above

33. Linda Austin's recent dance performance 'Circus Me Around' took place …

a. under the Hawthorne Bridge.

b. in a stretch limousine.

c. in an empty commercial building.

d. under the tent at Cirque du Soleil.

34. Who among the following did not open a new restaurant in Portland this year?

a. Leather Storrs

b. Bud Clark

c. Mark Lindsay

d. Tony Starlight

35. The tattoo on the back of singer-actress Storm Large reads …

a. Storm

b. Goddess

c. Love/Hate

d. Lover


1) d; 2) d; 3) b; 4) c; 5) b; 6) b; 7) a; 8) a; 9) b; 10) c; 11) d; 12) c; 13) c; 14) d; 15) b; 16) a; 17) d; 18) b; 19) d; 20) d; 21) c; 22) d; 23) a; 24) a; 25) d; 26) b; 27) a; 28) c; 29) d; 30) b; 31) d; 32) d; 33) c; 34) b; 35) d


Number of correct answers:

27-35: Great job! You probably wear shorts all winter and never carry an umbrella, too.

19-26: Pretty good - you probably know what Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard used to be called.

9-18: OK, but maybe swap out a few of those microbrews for lattes.

0-8: Useless. How about making reading the paper your New Year's resolution?

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