For many, TriMetdoes job year-round

'TriMet fails again in storm response' screams the headline when MAX light rail has some difficulties on part of one route, at the same time that the rest of the city is paralyzed, the trash trucks can't move and the media heads are bleating on hour after tedious hour about the atrocious weather conditions (Editorial, Dec. 23). It sounds like a headline only the highway lobby would write.

The idea that public transportation exists solely as a bad-weather backup for those who are able, willing and affluent enough to drive is absurd, as is the notion that TriMet should lay out the expense of preparing for conditions that might occur just for a day or two every few years.

MAX takes a huge load off the streets and highways as well as saving millions of man-hours that would otherwise be spent sitting behind a steering wheel. It also provides a swift, comfortable transportation alternative for those, like myself, who can't drive and for those who shouldn't. If it can help out the SUV crowd in a pinch, great, but that's not its purpose.

Mark Scattergood

Southeast Portland

Photos say lots aboutanimals' welfare

What a contrast between the photos of primates in the Dec. 16 issue. Those at the Oregon Zoo got boxed treats and the thousands at Oregon Health & Science University's 'West Campus' languished in crowded cages.

Roger Troen

North Portland

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