Jacob Raley wins three events in Big Fry division

Local youngsters from under six years of age through 18 competed in several events during the Junior Rodeo at the Columbia County Fair and Rodeo on Thursday night.

Contestants participated in several events under four age groups-Senior (15-18), Junior (11-14), Big Fry (7-10), and Small Fry (under 6 years and 40 pounds).

Jacob Raley won three events in the Big Fry division-steer riding, breakaway roping, and steer daubin. Colton Wheeler had firsts in the Junior division-winning steer daubin and breakaway roping.

Top three in each event:

Big Fry Steer Riding-Jacob Raley, Shawn Butler, Shane McDonough. Junior Breakaway Roping-Colton Wheeler, Jessica Tye. Big Fry Breakaway Roping-Jacob Raley. Small Fry Mutton Bustin-Trevor McFarland, Vanessa Pratt, Dominic Squires. Senior Breakaway Roping-Nicole Goecke, Jacob Bus, Joedan Tye. Senior Chute Doggin-Joedan Tye, Lauren Goecke, Blake Sofich. Big Fry Steer Daubin-Jacob Raley, Kyl Parnell, Cricket Holmes. Junior Steer Daubin-Colton Wheeler, Cheyenne Phillips, Kilee Sofich. Junior Steer Riding-Palmer Goecke. Senior Steer Daubin-Shaylee McGuire, Blake Sofich, Jaden Thurston. Senior Steer Riding-Matt Bringman, Kimberly Cook. Small Fry Barrel Racing-Vanessa Pratt, Kenna Olson. Big Fry Barrel Racing-Ireland McDonough, Latelyn Greenhalgh, Daisy Sue Hays. Junior Barrel Racing-Brandy Thurston, Michelle Sass, Macy Gray. Senior Barrel Racing-Alysha Sandstrom, Nicole Goecke, Hollie Neal.

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