Points leaders emerge at River City Speedway

Racing resumes Saturday at Fairgrounds

Solid leaders have emerged in some racing divisions, but others are much too close to call as River City Speedway gets set to resume racing this Saturday night.

Curt Nusom of Gresham leads the premier Sportsman Division of the Columbia County Racing Association with 348 points. Curt has amassed a 60-point lead over second-place Dan Smith of Scappoose.

Brother John Nusom is leading the Street Stock Division, but has just a six-point margin over Brad Martin of St. Helens. Rick Rehanek of Vancouver and Justin McMullen of Deer Island are also still within range.

Doug Davenport of Vernonia and Jeremy Martin of St. Helens are neck-and-neck in the Modified Division. Martin has only a four-point lead over Martin. Sean Fox of Rainier is also still in the running in third.

The Beehlers-Adam, Joel, and Brad-have a strong leg up on the 4-cylinder Mini Stock Division. Adam is leading the pack with 332 points, Joel is in second with 309, and Brad a tight third with 302. They lead fourth place by 43 points or more.

Kathy McMullen of Deer Island is seven points ahead of Jenae Frelich of St. Helens, while Tiffany Gee of Scappoose is also in strong contention.

Cody Smith has the lead but hardly a lock in the youth Tracers Division. Smith is ahead of Barleigh O'Conner of St. Helens by 20 points.

Time trials begin this Saturday at 3 p.m., followed by racing around 6 p.m. The Studebaker Club will have cars on display at the race.

Columbia Country Racing Association

Points Standings

Sportsman Division

1. Curt Nusom, Gresham, 348; 2. Dan Smith, Scappoose, 288; 3. Dan Fox, Warren, 277; 4. Clark Tenney, Scappoose, 269. 5; Bud Russell, St. Helens, 265; 6. Chris West, Vancouver, 263. 7; Lisa Liner, St. Helens, 256. 8; Aaron Elwess, Portland, 245. 9; Devon Reed, Woodland, 242; 10. Matt Taylor, St. Helens, 232.

Street Stock Division

1. John Nusom, Gresham, 309; 2. Brad Martin, St. Helens, 303; 3. Rick Rehanek, Vancouver, 290; 4. Justin McMullen, Deer Island, 278. 5; Mike Crase, Portland, 261. 6; Steffan Strawn, Deer Island, 251. 7; Ken Bryan, Toledo, 250. 8; Curtis Zelmer, Portland, 227; 9. R.T. Cutler, Portland 220. 10. Clark Tenney, 210.

Modified Division

1. Doug Davenport, Vernonia, 321. 2; Jeremy Martin, St. Helens, 317; 3. Sean Fox, Rainier, 278. 4. Clark Tenney, 267. 5; Mike Harrison, St. Helens, 263; 6. Brian Blasier, Scappoose, 229. 7; Sam Jeffers, St. Helens, 217. 8. T.J. Richman, Portland, 216. 9. Don Jenner, Vancouver, 213; 10. Robert Jenner, Vancouver, 202.

Mini Stock Division

1. Adam Beehler, St. Helens, 332; Joel Beehler, St. Helens, 309; Brad Beehler, St. Helens, 302; Charlie Ingram, Portland, 259; Jason Scheibel, Longview 256; Tim Oyler, St. Helens, 254; Kyle Frelich/Ray Cot, St. Helens, 247; Jerry Wright, Portland, 237; Lisa Oyler, St. Helens 229; Travis Tolman, 197; John Oyler, St. Helens, 190; Nolan Borders, 161; Brian Hector, 156; Darrin Rye, 137.

Women's Division

1. Kathy McMullen, Deer Island, 333. 2. Jenae Frelich, St. Helens, 324; 3. Tiffany Gee, Scappoose, 306; 4. Morgan Tenney, Scappoose, 284; 5. Cori Rocks, Portland, 191. 6. Victoria West, St. Helens, 89.

Pacific Mini Sprints

1. Dave Walters, Gresham, 342; 2. Keith Everson, Marysville, 216; 3. Darrin Pierson, Chehalis, 207; 4. Mike Opoka, Centralia, 196; 5. Dan Beck, Castle Rock, 172; 6. Eric Dehning, Centralia 169.

Tracers Division

1. Cody Smith, Scappoose, 232; 2. Barleigh O'Connor, St. Helens, 212; 3. Jonathan West, St. Helens 120.

Dwarf Cars

1. Brad Martin, 333; 2. Jenelle Harrison, 268.