It was after completing just one page in a writing group at the West Linn Adult Community Center that Vicki Eide, a resident of West Linn who works in Lake Oswego, decided to pen her first book.

'We had been writing different kinds of things, and I wrote the first page and thought, 'What a perfect place to write a murder mystery.''

And so the book 'Victoria Place,' with a cover designed by her son Kevin Alderman of West Linn, was begun. The story is about the shooting of Miss Ellie and the sergeant and detective who attempt to solve the case. And right in the middle of this case, a 20-year-old murder surfaces to add to the suspense of the story.

Eide was able to call upon her oldest son, who works in law enforcement, to make sure she had the details right on weapons and other technicalities.

Every character in the book should keep the reader wondering, and each character has a job. Eide may have had a little more fun creating the role of Sergeant Brenda Weathers, whose job it is to uncover the mystery of the shooting.

'A lot of readers have told me,' says Eide, 'that they can visualize me as the sergeant - sassy with an attitude. I guess I was that character when I wrote the book.'

She has already started writing another book.

'The first book was just a piece of cake to write,' she adds. 'I had the start, the ending, the rest was just fill-in. It was an easy book to write.'

And her friends tell her it is an easy book to read and one that makes you want to keep turning the pages.

An invitational book signing was held in June.

'Victoria Place' may be found at Graham's Book and Stationery in Lake Oswego or on line at

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