Art Walk event was worth the stroll

Gresham's Art Walk this past weekend was a blast! Judy Han and her team put the right stuff together for another memorable annual event.

I was thrilled to re-connect with artists who have participated before and to meet new ones. The opportunity to purchase from the artist, up close and personal, brings a sense of friendship and community like nothing else. Thank you Art Walk organizers.

Mardy Stevens


Solar company example of green failure

Solexant Corp. - not enough green behind their green.

I'm not surprised. The Green Movement is long on hype and buzzwords, but the companies have to stand in line for financing just like everyone else.

George Schneider


Graduation not so happy after theft

Happy graduation 2011!

This is a wonderful time. My grandson graduated, has done well all through school and sports. Wanting to get into a college on his golf skills, he has played at state, and his mom takes him all over to tournaments year round.

He was accepted and is going to start his schooling in sports medicine. Last week, while visiting a friend here in Gresham, his car was broken into. The thieves opened the trunk and took all his golf clubs and gear, clothes and shoes, almost $10,000 total. We are devastated.

Everything gone, all the hard work and saving from work and family - gone. If anyone has or knows where anything is, please call the Gresham police. Let us know there are still good people in this world.

Linda Kimery

Eagle Creek

Bridge foes simply want to de-people Earth

If I understand Paul Koberstein, a critic of the Columbia River Crossing (the proposed new I-5 bridge over the Columbia River) correctly, Portland's health risks from the quality of its air, is exceeded only by three counties in Southern California and three in New York City, and among those risks is brain damage. How delicious, that the seven counties in question are all liberal/progressive bastions of political correctness. Maybe, as I've heard, 'liberalism is a mental disorder.'

Now Koberstein states (in an essay in the Sustainable Life section on July 16), 'In every neighborhood, the air is so unhealthy that it violates the health-safety goals of the federal Clean Air Act, according to DEQ data.' Then goes on to say, 'Although the DEQ says the health risk of breathing Portland's air is relatively low.'

Which is it? Why are there such standards that either can't be met, should be met, will be met, must be met, might be met, won't be met, or my favorite - the meeting of these standards may or may not have an effect on some of the people, all the people, some of the time, all of the time. This suggests to me that a lot of government rules and regulations are for the sole purpose of making all citizens guilty of something at all times for its own purposes, to give the government more money, more power and just plain make our lives more 'socially just.'

I believe Koberstein's agenda is not to fix the supposed problem, but to stop the encroachment of mankind on poor mama Earth, through what I call 'Depopustruction'(fewer people, fewer buildings, less of most everything having to do with humans). So stop construction of a much-needed bridge, although I've got huge problems with its current design and financing I admit, and of course a favorite fall back position, raise taxes. (Oh excuse me, tolls.)

By the way, which is it, 60,000 more cars per day or a declining number since 2005? If a poor infrastructure is the answer, then problem solved with my concept of 'Depopustruction.' Finally Portland can evolve to its rightful throne, 'The People's Republic of Diverse Rainbow Euphoria.'

Frank Grande


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