1911 - Astoria, now celebrating its bicentennial, was having its centennial 100 years ago. Oregon's oldest community expected 10,000 people to come for the party and ordered 29 railcar loads of furniture to create makeshift lodging in schools and other buildings to house all the guests.

Most residents were taking in lodgers and the Astoria merchants were thrilled with sales of linens and other niceties as local housewives fixed up their back rooms for the visitors.

1921 - The editor of the Portland Daily News lived on Gresham Butte 90 years ago and was said to possess a dangerous bull who attacked a city fellow who was driving in the area with his family looking for a picnic site.

'Only the quick wit of the driver in turning his machine and making all speed down the road saved the family from a horrible fate,' wrote The Outlook, adding, 'Needless to say, they did not eat (their picnic lunch) on Gresham Butte.'

The Portland editor was questioned about harboring a dangerous animal and denied everything.

1931 - Gas stations were engaged in gas wars 80 years ago. Some stations were posting prices as low as 15 cents a gallon. Other prices: hats were reduced to $1 each at Elizabeth's Frock Shop; a machine-operated washing machine was $69.95; and mayonnaise was 29 cents a pint.

1941 - The biggest drive-in super market ever built in Gresham, Piggly Wiggly, opened 70 years ago at 401 E. Powell Blvd. By drive-in, they meant that you could drive to a lot and park in front of the store. The parking lot held more than 100 cars. It had the biggest walk-in cooler in this part of the country and boasted skylights and plate glass windows.

1951 - Sundial Marina at Troutdale hosted powerboat races in the Columbia River 60 years ago. Georgene Lumsden, roller skating queen of America, was back in town after her coronation, and they were planning a party at The Center Roller Rink in Gresham.

1961 - A scary crisis in Berlin had people talking 50 years ago. The Soviet Union, fearing a brain drain as skilled and educated workers continued to flee Soviet-held East Germany, was threatening to block the passage through the Berlin wall. President John F. Kennedy was in talks with Nikita Khrushchev. The Outlook went out on the street to ask people their opinions of the crisis. Most backed the president. But, the paper concluded, 'Many of the housewives questioned said they did not read the paper, were not aware of current happenings and didn't want to express an opinion.'

1971 - Gresham, fighting off the threat of shopping malls, completed work on five free parking lots in downtown Gresham 40 years ago. Gov. Tom McCall was to come to town to dedicate the lots. He likely would have to stay in town because farmers around the community were mad at him over vetoing a farm labor bill that, they said, 'buckled under to Cesar Chavez.'

1981 - Yet another attempt to kick start Troutdale's dying old town was under way 30 years ago when the dormant Association of Troutdale Business was revived. People were trying to draw visitors to the old buildings on the Historic Columbia River Highway. Tracy Webb had a snow cone stand in an alcove of a building. Bob Jennings was selling fishing tackle. But it was hard going, business owners complained, griping that city regulations made it worse.

1991 - Officials in the Metropolitan area were gathering 20 years ago to coordinate a greenspace program that would assure the Portland area of green and open lands as part of its development program. Ruth McFarland was on the committee and said, 'I'm an Oregonian by choice, because of the things that grow and are green here.'

2001 - A pretty young Gresham woman named Katie Harman won the Miss Oregon competition in Seaside 10 years ago. She went on to claim the national crown and became a fast favorite of area residents.

Troutdale was trying to figure out a way to ban basketball in city streets, a ruckus they wished they hadn't started. And the Gresham City Council approved building a facsimile of Linnemann station, which burned in 1995.

2010 - Cable customers faced a new frontier at this time last year when Frontier took over Verizon's Internet. In other news, Solexant, a solar company, announced plans to locate in Gresham. That's on hold now. And the Blazers hired Richard Cho as their general manager. That didn't work out.

Researched and compiled from The Outlook files.

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