Give chiefs private life a rest


Some folks are determined to hold the police to a higher moral standard as a result of revelations about Chief Derrick Foxworth's years-old, consensual affair (Chief's days may be numbered, April 7).

Rather than harping on the man's private life, why not focus on more important things? As an example, I'd be happy if the police were held merely to the same standard as ordinary citizens when fatal shootings are involved. We've had 40 deaths in 14 years and not a single indictment that I can recall.

Francis P. Ferguson

Northwest Portland

Schools need teachers, not doctrinaires

New teachers union President Jeff Miller's social-studies classroom 'themes' Ñ Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, the 'plight' of America's workers, union sloganeering, Vietnam, feminism, abortion Ñ have about them the stagnant odor of dogmatic indoctrination rather than the fresh air of objective inquiry (State of the union, March 28).

Louis Sargent

Northwest Portland

Parks bureau starts stewardship program

With the Portland-area population continuing to grow, the demand for parks and recreational services is increasing at an unwavering pace. This summer, we expect record attendance at our parks and community centers.

A key challenge in expanding the Portland parks system is balancing the operating and maintenance needs of new and older facilities. Tax dollars already are stretched thin.

Despite these challenges, Portland's parks have a world-renowned reputation. To ensure that this legacy will continue for future generations, we're announcing a new initiative in public-private sector partnering. We consider it a new way of doing business, representing the best aspects of Portland's creativity and vision.

This week, with a major boost from Columbia Sportswear, the Portland Parks Foundation launches its 10 for 10 Campaign. The goal is to enlist local corporations and companies to fund enhanced park maintenance at specific parks for 10 years.

Columbia Sportswear President and Chief Executive Officer Tim Boyle, the campaign's honorary chairman, has committed $1 million over 10 years for maintenance and improvements at Sellwood Park in Southeast Portland. On Wednesday, he will appear before the City Council to help launch 10 for 10 and challenge other companies to step up.

There is a long history in our parks system of individuals, groups and good corporate citizens coming together and contributing their resources, energy and awareness. For example, Nike Inc. repaved every one of our basketball courts through a generous $2 million donation and also provided funding for maintenance of the courts. And Freightliner LLC has been lead sponsor of our summer parks concerts.

Whether it's planting trees or removing trash, these loyal partners have raised awareness and instilled energy in parks stewardship. Last year, 16,000 volunteers spent more than 450,000 hours working to improve Portland's parks.

Corporations that look to Portland as a place to do business appreciate what the city and its neighborhoods have to offer their employees. We at Portland Parks & Recreation and the Portland Parks Foundation welcome the business community to buy into supporting parks and help us live up to our motto: Healthy parks, healthy Portland.

Zari Santner

Director, Portland Parks & Recreation

David Fuks

President, Portland Parks Foundation