* 'Akeelah and the Bee' (PG)

With a winning performance from Keke Palmer as Akeelah, an 11-year-old girl from South Central L.A. who tries out for the National Spelling Bee, this film builds to a climax that provides a satisfying variation on what you expect. Even for the flintiest nonfan of inspirational sagas, resistance is futile.

Lloyd Mall

'An American Haunting' (PG-13)

Donald Sutherland wags his hoary head to no avail in this 19th-century ghost story.


'Art School Confidential' (R)

Director Terry Zwigoff ('Bad Santa,' 'Ghost World') and writer Daniel Clowes ('Ghost World') reunite to skewer the dreams of wannabe Picassos.

Fox Tower, Cinemagic

'Block Party' (R)

Comedian Dave Chappelle gathers show-business buddies like Mos Def and the Fugees for music, sketch comedy and partying in the street, all shot on location in a Brooklyn neighborhood.


'The Break-up' (PG-13)

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston split up - don't worry, it's only a movie - but both refuse to leave their great Chicago condo. The sitcom-ready premise doesn't make for the date movie you might expect, turning instead into a surprisingly sour Battling Bickersons routine.

Cinetopia, Century Eastport, Pioneer Place, Lloyd Center, Hilltop, Evergreen Parkway, Movies on TV, Division Street, Stark Street

* 'Brick' (R)

As the school loner doing spadework on his ex-girlfriend's mysterious death, Joseph Gordon-Levitt ('Mysterious Skin') packs heat and plays it cool, heading a savvy young cast that never winks cute or punks out.


'Caché' (R)

In the latest offering from Austrian provocateur Michael Haneke, a successful French couple (Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche) is terrorized by a series of vaguely threatening videotapes.


'Cars' (G)

An egocentric race car (voiced by Owen Wilson) finds himself stranded in a Route 66 burg populated by small-town types, including the town mechanic (Paul Newman) and a vixenish Porsche (Bonnie Hunt) and thus becomes a better person, er, car.

Century Eastport, Pioneer Place, Lloyd Center, Lloyd Mall, Hilltop, Evergreen Parkway, Movies on TV, Division Street, Stark Street, Roseway, St. Johns Theater, Moreland

'The Celestine Prophecy' (PG)

Synchronicity plays an important role in the search for an ancient manuscript in this film from James Redfield, author of the best-selling book of the same name.


'Coral Reef Adventure' (NR)

Explore the beauty of a coral reef in the sunny waters of the South Pacific.

OMSI Omnimax Dome Theater

'C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America' (NR)

A satire that masquerades as a British documentary, this controversial film asks the question, What would have happened if the South had won the Civil War?


'The Da Vinci Code' (PG-13)

The best-seller about an age-old conspiracy becomes a blockbuster film starring Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou.

Cinetopia, Century Eastport, Pioneer Place, Lloyd Center, Hilltop, Evergreen Parkway, Movies on TV, Division Street, Stark Street

'District B-13' (R)

This zippy little number, a tasty blend of homage and fromage, is set in the year 2010 in a section of Paris so crime-ridden it has been isolated by a concrete wall. It stars the uncannily acrobatic David Belle, a founder of the free-form obstacle-running style called parkour, as a resourceful rebel.

Fox Tower

'Dolphins' (NR)

Narrator Pierce Brosnan and featured soundtrack artist Sting are your guides as you dive into the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the South Atlantic to swim with the dolphins.

OMSI Omnimax Dome Theater

'Following Sean' (NR)

Filmmaker Ralph Arlyck uses a short film he made in 1969, about a 4-year-old resident of a hippie crash pad, as a jumping-off point for meditations on the times and how they are a-changin'.


* 'Friends With Money' (R)

Jennifer Aniston plays Olivia, the odd gal out among her closest friends - three married couples, all of whom have a lot of money. It's an intriguing, funny and very watchable thesis on the social awkwardness that comes with the unspoken divide between America's classes.

Fox Tower

'Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties' (PG)

It's a fancy feast of literary references as Garfield does 'The Prince and the Pauper' and Bill Murray hacks up a fur ball.

Century Eastport, Pioneer Place, Lloyd Mall, Hilltop, Evergreen Parkway, Movies on TV, Division Street, Stark Street

'Greece: Secrets of the Past' (NR)

See the civilization of the ancient Greeks through the eyes of a modern Greek archaeologist and the imaging powers of computer generated animation.

OMSI Omnimax Dome Theater

* 'Hard Candy' (R)

After developing a flirty online relationship, 14-year-old Hayley (Ellen Page) and thirtysomething photographer Jeff (Patrick Wilson) meet, and Hayley goes to pedophile Jeff's house for who-knows-what. In private, however, the tables quickly turn. 'Hard Candy' is a very good movie that will make you squirm in your seat - especially if you're a man.


'Ice Age: The Meltdown' (PG)

Manny and his friends from 'Ice Age' are back, and now they've got a new problem: a very, very big thaw.

Laurelhurst, Academy, Valley

* 'An Inconvenient Truth' (PG)

Director Davis Guggenheim creates a surprisingly gripping cinematic interpretation of former Vice President Al Gore's globe-trotting slide show presentation on global warming. Gore makes his case for an imperiled planet with expected thoroughness but perhaps surprising personality - dare we say charisma?

Cinetopia, Century Eastport, Fox Tower, Lloyd Center, Movies on TV

'Inside Man' (R)

The cast is top-notch. The three-pronged story line is just dripping with opportunities for suspense and human drama. But none of it ever comes to fruition, and the fault rests squarely with director Spike Lee.

Laurelhurst, Academy, Valley

'Kinky Boots' (PG-13)

A drag queen helps a small-town shoemaker save his family business by designing and manufacturing the titular kinky boots.

Academy, Valley

'Lost City' (R)

Andy Garcia ('The Godfather: Part III') directs and stars in a family saga set during the Cuban revolution of 1958.

Fox Tower

'Mission: Impossible III' (PG-13)

Director J.J. Abrams neatly balances speed and spectacle, and star Tom Cruise doesn't have time to get in his own way, although the emphasis on propulsion takes its toll on Philip Seymour Hoffman's excellent villain, who needs another good scene or two.

Lloyd Mall, Movies on TV

'The Omen' (R)

Young Damien, that adorably grumpy child of Satan, returns in a not quite shot-for-shot remake that only proves how little the original had going for it.

Century Eastport, Broadway, Lloyd Center, Evergreen Parkway, Movies on TV, Division Street, Stark Street

* 'Over the Hedge' (PG)

This surprisingly witty kid-size satire on consumer culture really benefits from the actors behind the animals. Bruce Willis is perfect as a conniving raccoon who manipulates a group of suburb-dwelling animals. And, hey, William Shatner plays an opossum!

Century Eastport, Broadway, Lloyd Mall, Hilltop, Evergreen Parkway, Movies on TV, Division Street, Stark Street

'Peaceful Warrior' (PG-13)

Nick Nolte is the guru who points a young gymnast on the path to enlightenment in this film based on Dan Millman's book, 'Way of the Peaceful Warrior.'

Fox Tower

'Poseidon' (PG-13)

This remake of the 1972 disaster epic 'The Poseidon Adventure' follows the standard Hollywood remake formula: Scavenge a great film's premise and then discard everything else that made the first one any good.

Movies on TV

'A Prairie Home Companion' (PG-13)

Working from a script by 'Prairie Home' companionable impresario Garrison Keillor, director Robert Altman stages a relaxed amble through a version of the world Keillor usually creates from sound alone. The narrator is house detective Guy Noir (Kevin Kline), and the regulars include the singing Johnson Sisters, Yolanda and Rhonda (Meryl Streep and Lily Tomlin), along with Yolanda's daughter, Lola (Lindsay Lohan), and of course the two lovable cowpokes Dusty and Lefty (Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly).

Century Eastport, Cinema 21

'The Proposition' (R)

Set in the sun-hammered Australian outback of the late 1800s, this is the brutal tale of captured outlaw Charlie Burns (Guy Pearce of 'Memento'), who receives a grim offer from a local lawman, played by Ray Winstone ('Sexy Beast'). It's directed by John Hillcoat and written by gloom rocker Nick Cave, who also co-wrote the dirgelike score.

Lloyd Mall

'The Puffy Chair' (R)

Despite a tired premise - twentysomething slackers on a road trip - this indie comedy has earned an avid following.

Fox Tower

'Say Uncle' (R)

Family values collide in this provocative, locally produced comedy.


'The Swimmer' (PG)

A man travels across a suburban landscape, swimming through one backyard pool after another, in this dreamlike 1969 film. Burt Lancaster stars.


* 'Syriana' (R)

George Clooney is a weary CIA spook who gets hung out to dry by his bosses in Stephen Gaghan's blistering thriller about oil, money and blood.


* 'Thank You for Smoking' (R)

In his best role since 'In the Company of Men,' Aaron Eckhart stars as a tobacco lobbyist so slick he can come off as the good guy when appearing on a TV panel with antismoking advocates and a cancer-stricken kid.


* 'V for Vendetta' (R)

In a near-future totalitarian Britain where the leader (John Hurt) uses fear to rule and security as an excuse to curtail freedom, TV station employee Evey (Natalie Portman) is caught up by chance in the vengeful pursuits of a vigilante (Hugo Weaving) out to topple the fascist regime.

Laurelhurst, Academy, Valley

'Water' (PG-13)

In 1938 India, 8-year-old Chuyia (Sarala) is told that her husband has died and she's a widow. As dictated by Hindu law, she now must spend the rest of her life officially grieving in an ashram populated by other lifelong widows.


'X-Men: The Last Stand' (PG-13)

In this third 'X-Men' movie, a pharmaceutical company develops a cure for the mutant condition, and the evil Magneto (Ian McKellen) encourages the world's mutant populace to rise up against humans.

Cinetopia, Century Eastport, Broadway, Lloyd Center, Hilltop, Evergreen Parkway, Movies on TV, Division Street, Stark Street

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